Foreign affairs has a shocking young cast who have shown their brilliant acting abilities from time to time. However Millie Bobby Brown emerged as the most talented of the lot. Everyone saw her and loved her for her skills. But the one talent she never showed was telling stories.

She has acted in many great shows and films but has never been in a director’s chair. This has now changed as she not only acted but also directed a brief film for Samsung.

In collaboration with Samsung, Millie made her first short film with her brother Charlie as the director of photography for the film. The film shows a young child who stands up for herself and utilizes flexibility. It is a voiceover narration of a poem written and performed by Millie Bobby Brown.

Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown Short Film

Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown Short Film

In the film we see how little Millie (recorded by Honey) communicates with old Millie who provides a shield and lifts her up. It shows how Millie inspires her inner child and presents a worldwide message of development, courage and self-discovery through her poetry and her incredible aerial act.

Millie Bobby Brown said before that through this film she wanted to show how she was before all the high status and the way she has evolved over the years.

Since the film is anxious with a younger Millie she also said that “I wanted to give my young me this advice to understand that the only person you will be able to hold on to is yourself, and don’t lose yourself in this.”

You can watch the movie here –