Stranger Things Season 4 Updates: The Duffer Brothers created a web television series for Netflix, “Stranger Things”. This sci-fi horror drama series premiered on July 15, 2016. Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon composed “Stranger Things”.

While the twins (Duffer Brothers) are on the team of executive producers together with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. The series has attracted a really wide international fan base. “Stranger Things” was renewed for a fourth season in September 2019 and the showrunners announced that the series will end after the fifth season.

Stranger Things Season 4 Plot:

The story revolves around the people who live in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana. The Hawkins National Laboratory has a contract with the United Department of Energy under which it conducts scientific research.

The city is affected by an alternate dimension, “The Upside Down”, to which the laboratory secretly creates a portal. The plot is around the time of the early eighties.


Stranger Things Season 4

The first season begins with the kidnapping of a boy, Will Byers. His family and friends together with the police are sparing no effort to look for him. Meanwhile, a girl from “The Upside Down” with psychokinetic powers, Eleven escapes from the city’s laboratory and joins the commotion.

In the second season, Will is back in his town but is still being influenced by the alternate dimension. His family and friends anticipate that “The Upside Down” poses a greater threat to their universe. In season 3 there’s some progress in Mike and Eleven’s relationship. However, a Soviet laboratory tries to open the portal to the “Upside Down” and seeks to create horror amongst the people.

Stranger Things Season 4:

The series has resumed its production that had stopped because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In a teaser for season 4, it can be seen that Sheriff Jim Hopper is still alive and living in a Russian camp.

Meanwhile, the gang together with Eleven and Mike are together to protect their City, Hawkins from the disastrous threat from “The Upside Down”. Showrunners also revealed a behind-the-scenes picture confirming the resumption of production.

After such a long hiatus, Stranger Things Season 4 can be expected to release sometime in mid-2021. For more articles and updates like this, stay tuned!