Today is the time when the most vital thing we need to take care of is our mental health. Because these days patients are more mentally ill than physically ill. The centrality of everybody’s life depends fully on the mental state of the mind.

And this new documentary on Netflix is ​​entitled ‘Stutz’ and will be showing Jonah Hill and who will be sharing the screen with psychiatrist Phil Stutz.

And together they will be sharing methods with opinions to improve the mental stability of people. I believe it is an awesome initiative that the streaming giant Netflix is ​​bringing up. When I look at the scenarios that exist today I believe that it’s of attention for all subscribers of Netflix.

Below is everything you need to know about this feature documentary titled ‘Stutz’. So please read the knowledge below and read this article till the end!!!

Stutz release date:


This mental health documentary on Netflix will be streaming on November 14, 2022 which is Monday. So we do not need to wait long to see this exceptionally well-crafted documentary on Netflix.

Who will be in the cast of Stutz?

The Playlist

It’s a documentary film so it is pretty apparent that we will not be seeing many actors as cast members in this one, but still, there will be some that will star in it so find the list below :

• High Zone
• Phil Stutz
• Chelsea Barnard
• Diane Becker
• Alison Goodwin
• Melanie Miller
• Mark Monroe
• Joaquin Phoenix

What will the whole Stutz documentary be about?


Phill Stutz is a well known name in the field of psychology. And if it’s part of this Netflix project then it’s a security that will be worth watching. The protagonist of the story Jonah hill is a friend in addition to the patient of the well-known psychiatrist.

The documentary’s storyline will focus on Stutz’s life and lead the viewer through his signature visualization exercises such as The Tools. There will even be some casual and candid conversations between Jonah and Stutz.

It will be a humorous, and vulnerable experience in addition to eventually therapeutic for all viewers who are going through a bad mental state or even not. I’m pretty sure that seeing this will certainly bring positive changes in your life.


Yes, there’s an official trailer of this feature documentary available on Netflix’s official YouTube channel.
If you have not checked it out yet click on the link above:

When you watch the trailer it is going to be very clear what it is going to be about. There is a view of a conversation shared between the two main actors of the story. So please give it a watch!!
Thanks for reading 🙂