The Super Bowl 2023 is nearly around the corner so here is the list related to the celebrities who will be there performing. There are many things that will occur in the coming days or weeks.

Whether it’s related to the release of a series or a movie or a song or an album or even a concert, everything is being highlighted with plenty of focus. Because of all these items, one cannot forget about what will occur on February 12th related to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has been in the news a lot since it was announced.

It will be one of the biggest nights in the coming days as it will create plenty of nostalgia for many fans. Many fans are waiting for Rihanna to return to the stage and perform in addition to make headlines and news related to the performance. She can even go to give some incredible news that is anticipated. It will be her first performance after 2016.

Rihanna is all set to perform at the 2023 Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 2023

Apart from Rihanna, we will even have many celebrities join this celebration. She confirmed that she will return to the stage on September 25 in a post on Instagram. When it comes to her excitement then she herself didn’t believe in all this until the time it was confirmed. Rihanna said:

“The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, it’s a spectator’s dream to be on a stage like that. But it’s the nerves. You have to get it right. You know, everyone is watching. And I’m rooting for you. And I want to do well.”

She also shared her experience of being a mother: “nothing would have gotten me out of the house if it hadn’t been a challenge like that. You can be really comfortable being a stay at home mom, [so this is] he challenged me to do something I had never done before in my career. I want to live up to that challenge.”

When it comes to some information related to the super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show then it will occur at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona. The next question that comes up is how fans will be capable to get into the Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show then it’s with the help of Fox that will be hosting the Super Bowl 2023. It will go off at virtually 6: 30 pm and will be done by 10:30 pm if there will be no overtime.

The culmination of all these items will even be the National Anthem which will be performed by the country’s star Chris Stapleton. In general it is going to be one of the notable nights or days of 2023 that will have incredible performances of many other artists, from country to pop.