Superman & Lois Season 3 has an updated and more extended teaser featuring the first look at the newly cast Jonathan Kent. There will still be DC TV material this season, although The CW is wrapping up the Arrowverse.

The ninth and final season of the Grant Gustin-drama with protagonists The Flash just debuted. Superman & Lois will make their long awaited comeback with the season in less than a month.

Season 3 of Superman & Lois is now in production, and the CW has just released the first trailer for the new season, which will air in a few months.

What can we anticipate from Superman & Lois Season 3?

Superman & Lois Season 3
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In the season 2 finale, Wolé Parks’ John Henry Irons (David Ramsey’s John Diggle), an alternate version of the Arrowverse character, teased the appearance of a new antagonist.

Irons comes from an alternate dimension where the Earth was destroyed, but he found a home in the truth of Superman and Lois, where, after some early conflict, he turned out to be their friend.

Diggle informed him that the legendary criminal Bruno Mannheim is likely to blame for the inexplicable death of the version of Irons native to this world that occurred years before.

According to the character description, Bruno Mannheim is well known around Metropolis as a local hero and philanthropist who has given new life to the economically depressed districts of the city.

For years, Lois Lane sought to show that the leader of the famous Intergang organization is a professional criminal hiding behind that facade. It can be closer than ever with some fresh leads.

Helbing told DC Comics that high schoolers Sarah Cushing and Jordan Kent would grow apart by the start of season 3 in a less harsh development.

He said that you’re kind of in and out of it, like many teenage relationships. You undergo phases where you are extremely intense and others when things fade away.

Superman and Lois Season 3 Trailer

The following will help you understand the trailer of the last season 3 of Superman and Lois.

Michael BishopThe casting of Jonathan Kent in Superman & Lois season 3 is among the significant new developments.

The actor will replace Jordan Elsass, who left the Arrowverse drama after two seasons. The CW has released an extended promo of Superman & Lois season 3 with only a few weeks to go.

The video gives viewers their first official look at Bishop’s Jonathan and a preview of the season’s intense character development. In addition, the family will face new challenges in the upcoming season as it adds a new Fortress of Solitude.

One is the arrival of Chad Coleman’s Bruno Mannheim in the Arrowverse. At the conclusion of Superman & Lois season 2, when Diggle declared that the Intergang boss had killed this world’s John Henry Irons, Bruno’s name was mentioned.

So one of the season 3 antagonists for Superman & Lois will be Bruno. In addition, the new video makes a brief allusion to the likelihood that Lois and Clark are also expecting the twins of Jonathan and Jordan Kent, another superchild.

The teaser also teases Jordan taking on more duties and offers our first look at Jonathan Kent, who has been recast and is now being portrayed by Michael Bishop.

However since Lois’ abduction was revealed in the teaser, the family will no doubt be split up sometime next season.

The Intergang, which was hinted as one of the enemies in season 3, could be connected to him even if the teaser doesn’t reveal who did it. Lois and Clark’s father does not like them. Thus Superman has to save his wife.

However, we catch a glimpse of Lois asking Clark for help as the Daily Planet descends in the distance. We suspect Kryptonite may be involved as well, adding to the Kent family’s worries about Intergang.