Siren Survive the Island is a reality show about courage, bravery and victory. So, when the first episode appears on your screen.

In this Interesting Reality Drama, Female Prowess Rules! On Tuesday, May 30 at 8 pm ET, Netflix released the first five episodes of Siren: Survive the Island. The series follows 24 women, separated into six groups, as they try to defeat other players by attacking them.

Siren: Island Survival Review: There is no drama, and everything is straightforward and to the point, which we love!

Siren: Island Survival

Siren Survive the Island is a reality show about courage, bravery and victory. So, when the first episode appears on your screen, it takes a while to establish what the show is about.

In the series, all 24 competitors from numerous occupations, such as police, athletics, and others, are charged with surviving the ‘Fire Island,’ called the Island of Fire.

Therefore, when we see the competitors being introduced and immediately thrown into a pool of mud to do work, not for nothing but to help them choose where they want to stay on the island, or as the program says- the base they will live and watch to live .

Based on who arrives when the base is delivered or who completes the first task. Each of the 24 candidates is assigned to a team of six. These teams and their members must live on the island for seven days.

On a large scale, there will be two – one in the arena of war and one elsewhere. Another type of war, more deadly, is the base battle, in which you hide your team’s flag in your base while you attack the opponents’ base houses to look for their flags.

The team that collects the most base flags in the end is asserted the winner. Individual flags are also provided to members to indicate that they want to remain hidden and that being discovered will result in their elimination.

So far, Siren Survive the Island has been fun to watch. The contestants are unbelievably strong and made quick contacts, formed alliances, and identified the troublesome ones in the group. It will be intriguing to see their next steps.

Siren: Survive the Island Ending Explained: Why Was the Police Team Eliminated?

Siren: Island Survival

Lee Seul was caught off guard in episode 3 when two teams unexpectedly raided her base camp to capture the flags for their respective camps. This resulted in them losing their task of defeating other base camps and being eliminated from the competition.

The team’s police (Kim Hye-yong, Lee Seul, Seo Jung-ha, and Kim Hye-ri) were tasked with stealing flags from other teams and were planning to do so.

While others intended to leave more members at the base camp, the Police team made the rookie mistake of only letting Lee Seul stay in the tent. She was nervous, but others went ahead and attacked the firemen.

However, They failed, and Soldiers and Stunt teams entered the camp together. They initially tried to burst through the entrance, but as Lee blocked their way, they opted to jump off the roof and smash the window. She couldn’t protect herself alone. Thus, the Soldiers’ squad took the most flags.

After returning, other team members saw their mistake and told them to leave the gates instantly. Unfortunately, they also had to remove their team flag alone and were overcome with emotion when they left Siren: Survive the Island.