Sylvester Stallone showed his protective side in an interview to his kids!

Sylvester Stallone

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Sylvester Stallone reveals the awkward dating advice he gives his kids’s boyfriends. We saw how a father takes great care of their kids.

And if we talk in a special way related to girls then they show their most protective nature towards them. It normally comes with some advice related to their career and also their dating life to which fathers contribute a lot.

The same happens with many celebrities who give certain advice to their kids publicly and show their protective nature.

The same happened recently when the 76-year-old actor Sylvester Stallone came to the fore. Being the father of three daughters, he’s very inspired by all of them and feels very proud.

And maybe for the same reason, it inspires him to give some advice to their boyfriend and show a protective nature. The actor gave an interview recently and didn’t hesitate to be open to the role of father to his three daughters.

Sylvester Stallone gave advice to the boyfriend of his three daughters in an interview!

Sylvester Stallone

The first one is Sophia who is 26 years old and then follows Sistine and Scarlet. Scarlet is the youngest one who is 21 years old. All three kids with his wife Jennifer.

Going with the interview that was given to the magazine WSJ, he said about the thought of these guys who means the boyfriend. And the reason behind it’s that he happened to be one of them when he was young.

The actor feels very protective towards the girl and thinks she is a dangerous planet. Sylvester Stallone said he does not understand how women deal with it but he still wants to protect the three ladies of his life at all times.

He also showed his very different Avatar while asking some questions related to women about their witty nature.

Sylvester Stallone’s intention is very clear as he gives the recommendation. The actor said he’s like a cello and has a quiet sense of humor.

“And then ultimately we realized that we’re cut from quite a lot of the same cloth—even though his cloth is more like itchy wool. I’m like silk.”

Sylvester Stallone.