Minor accidents are normal on movie sets but a shocking and unforeseen incident happened on the sets of an upcoming movie. Netflix a series called Agents from Heaven. Popular Taiwanese actor Ke Qidong was seriously injured when a drone exploded right in front of the actor.

Several media reports suggest that a drone used during the shoot malfunctioned and exploded right in front of Quidong leaving him covered in blood,

The explosion caused the debris of the drone to fly everywhere and a few parts of the drone especially the blades cut from the actor’s cheek which left him cut open with blood running down through him.

What in fact happened in Ke Quidong on Sept.

Ko Qidong
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Actor Ke Quidong was then taken to a close by hospital where he received 30 stitches to cover the wound.

However, this isn’t the end of the story as the production team of the series which is especially from Singapore and Taiwan entirely rejected the rumors claiming that no such incident took place.

The drone was entirely safe and major safety protocols were strictly followed during the shoot, the drone is a very important part of the shoots these days and their safety is strictly controlled before the shoots.

The production team later added that Quidong suffered some minor injuries and has been given full support by the team, currently they’ve stopped shooting and will resume once the lead actor is fit and well again and until then they will monitor his well. -being.

Meanwhile, Netflix extended its hand to help the star and sent him a care package which the actor updated on his social media accounts.

Shooting has resumed for the scene that doesn’t contain the main actor and we really wish Quidong a speedy recovery. Agents of Heaven is an thrilling series full of action and drama and a must watch.