Talentless Nana Review: Does the anime merit watching??

Talentless Nana Review: All you need to know!

Talentless Nana (Japanese : Hepburn : Muno A Nana) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Looseboy. Since May 2016, it has been serialized by Square Enix’s shnen manga publication Monthly Shnen Gangan.

It is divided into eight volumes. Crunchyroll North America publishes the manga digitally. From October 2020 to December 2020, Bridge produced an anime TV series.

Review of Talentless Nana: Should you see it?

As the story progresses, the series shifts as the students discover what lies ahead. There is no right or wrong. You may not be seeing the results you expected.

It’s not what you think. While humanity has its enemies, there is something that drives the Genius towards using their power against one another for evil purposes.

Talentless Nana Review: Does the anime merit watching??

The great tale of destruction and heroes is Talented Nana. There are moments as dark and frightening as Battle Royale, and others that are as lighthearted and carefree as our host club. It’s wild and unpredictable.

There are many twists I notice, but they are always attributed to the wrong person. There are secrets that are hidden that I didn’t see until it was too late.

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These are the kinds of terror and shock that I seek in serial horror stories. Nana is able to manage the stupidity of the students while still taking care of his characters.

Although many characters are initially quite unsettling and irritating, you will eventually get to know them. Their complex relationships and deductive reasoning abilities are just a few of the many reasons they will be so fascinating.

Talentless Nana’s characters are a joy to watch. There are characters that don’t trust one another enough to work together while solving crimes and keeping their involvement from being exposed.

It is entertaining to see the level of suspicion and deceit between the characters. The first episode will conclude with a lot of cliffhangers that leave viewers wondering if Nana is about to be caught.

This cliffhanger had lasting consequences, but it was only for the first few minutes. It became quite frustrating and it made me feel stifled.

Because I knew that whatever cliffhanger was in the episode would be resolved in the next one. It was a little difficult to introduce the characters on the show, as it is clear that they were created by the writers.

We’re able to see characters we have never seen before. Only the other characters are shown acting. As if they have been there all along. Nanao Nakajima is gifted despite not attending the School for the Gifted.

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He is liked by his classmates and has no friends. Your classic hero. Nana Hiragi, a transfer student, is Nanao’s new friend.

He learns he is an outcast. Although she is outgoing and very outgoing, her gift for reading minds can sometimes get in the way. It turns out that people don’t enjoy reading their minds.

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