Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s dating life is nothing short of a fairy tale, so here are all the calendars. 2023 has become a rough patch for many celebrities particularly those related to their personal lives.

And that’s the reason why we have seen many celebrities walk away from their beautiful relationships for some reason and remain single.

At first, it may seem that it’s not real, however, many sources have confirmed this stuff. The same has happened recently with many Hollywood celebrities who have gone through the same and fall into the list.

Among them are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. After dating for nearly 7 years, the couple decided to part ways as a result of differences in personalities and lifestyles.

Taylor Swift And Ex-Joe Alwyn Relationship Timeline.

Taylor Swift
Us Weekly

According to the source, the actor began to struggle with the level of fame that Taylor Swift carried with herself and with the attention she is getting from the public. It also came with the differences that started in their personality that became very hard to disregard after so many years.

Coming to the timeline then the first meeting was cute as can be seen through the song Gorgeous. it was at the 2016 Met Gala when Taylor Swift made her appearance on the way out Calvin Harris.

After separating from Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift went with Tom Hiddleston for a brief period in her life which was later followed by Joe Alwyn.

The couple reconnected again at the after-party in New York. The first picture came out when the media confirmed it in June 2017. That time sitting on a balcony in Nashville which could be the first meeting of the parents of Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift.

It came for the first time when the actor spoke about Taylor then it was in 2018. The English actor confirmed that he’s dating the actress but decided to keep it very private.

Joe Alwyn said: “I’m aware that people want to know about that side of things… I think we’ve been very successfully private and it’s now come down to people… but I’d rather talk about ix -work”

After that, the year 2019 was remarkable because of BAFTA. At the after-party, the British actor was seen holding Taylor Swift’s hand while leaving the venue. Things got cute when Joe Alwyn appeared in Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana documentary.