Taylor Swift and Matt Healy broke up after a short-lived romance, you know why!

Taylor Swift

Matt Healy and Taylor Swift split after a month of dating. There are many celebrities who are recently in the news related to their dating life.

Whether it is about breaking up or patching up or even getting into a new relationship, each and everything is making the news. And if we speak about Hollywood then something like this at all times happens nearly every week when we see the life of celebrities coming in the news.

The same happened recently with 33-year-old Taylor Swift and 34-year-old Matt Healy. In a few quick days the two were the most talked about celebrity couples.

However, it seems that now everything is over between them as they broke up after a few weeks of dating. According to the report that came on Monday, a source claimed that the couple separated because of two main reasons.

Taylor Swift and Matt Healy have parted ways.

Taylor Swift

The first reason is the schedule of the two musicians. Matt Healy and Taylor Swift are very busy in their lives and that’s the reason why they can’t give some time to themselves and their love life.

When it comes to the reaction of Taylor Swift’s friends then they aren’t shocked because they want the best for her in a relationship. Taylor Swift recently got out of a long term relationship with Joe Awlyn but in terms of her relationship with Matt Healy then it was for a brief time.

Matt Healy has been spotted at several Taylor Swift concerts. The two were also seen kissing one another in front of the Bodyguard and had some appearances in numerous restaurants.

They were also photographed with a musician friend called Jack. When this new relationship hit the news, the source said they were having a good time together. They were very into one another but at the same time they never wanted to keep things very serious.

According to the source, it isn’t the first time Taylor Swift and the 1975 musician have gone on a date. If we go by the source and the insider then they’re dated to a brief time in the past.

And when we speak about this recent Romance then none of them confirmed it but they never denied it either. At one point, Taylor Swift’s father was also seen having fun with the male musician.

And that’s the reason why many fans started to think that there’s a connection not only between the couple but also with other members of the family.