Taylor Swift decided to go with the new version of Karma on her recent tour with Ice Spice!

Taylor Swift decided to bring Ice Spice on stage for the Karma remix. A celebrity collaboration is something that’s all the time on the fan’s bucket list.

Whether we discuss some series or movies or even some music video, it appears to be a treat for the fans. And if we discuss a perfect remix then sometimes things go surprisingly than we can expect.

And without any doubt, Hollywood is the same place where surprises come nearly everywhere with a perfect collaboration.

The same happened recently with Taylor Swift and Ice Spice. The two of them were seen performing on stage for a new Karma remix for the first time.

33-year-old singer Taylor Swift and 23-year-old rapper Ice Spice surprised fans during the concert in New Jersey on May 26, 2023. This appearance or performance was made just a day after Taylor Swift decided to drop the music video.

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice Performance on Her Eras Tour 2023.

Taylor Swift
Rolling Stone

Talking about the look then Taylor Swift was seen wearing a navy blue body suit for her tour. While on the other hand, Ice Spice decided to enter in a two piece black and silver costume. It consisted of a crop top and mini skirt that goes with a diamond chain that has an animated feature on her face.

Taylor Swift kept the spotlight on the rapper and said how excited she was about this collaboration as she was listening to his music throughout the tour.

“She reached out and said, ‘If you ever want to do a collaboration, I would.’ And what she didn’t know at the time is that when I was training for the tour, I was listening almost exclusively to her music every day.”

Taylor Swift.

As soon as the video of the performance went live, many people started reacting to it. Some people said it’s probably the greatest performances they’ve ever seen.

While other people said it’s something that’s reminding them of Karma’s original music video.

Taylor Swift also talked about how they instantly entered the studio and fell in love with one another while deciding the entire future.

She also talked about how she has worked with many artists so many times but she has never met an artist like this who is so prepared and focused and does everything she wants.