Taylor Swift’s song called All Too Well won the Best Music Video award at the Grammy Awards 2023. We have seen how Grammy 2023 was remarkable in all the Grammy Awards.

The 65th Grammy has many new things where the artist set records in addition to broke many self-made records.

Whether it’s related to winning the most awards at the Grammy that was established by Beyonce or any other category. If we discuss such then one cannot forget about the Best Music Videos which get quite a good emphasis.

This time it’s Taylor Swift who won this category of the best music video for her song called All Too Well: The Short Film. The 10-minute version of her song gained much appreciation from fans and critics.

And it’s the reason why the Grammy Awards couldn’t fail to recognize the singer and her talent as a director for this category.

Apart from Taylor Swift, many other artists have been nominated in this category which includes the name of BTS, Harry Styles, Doja Cat, Adeleand Kendrick Lamar. Not only Taylor Swift’s part of the song as a singer but also as a director because it was she who contributed to every perspective and angle of this short film.

Taylor Swift Takes Home the Grammy for Best Music Video For All Too Well!


If we do not have a look at this 2023 Grammy then Taylor Swift already had 11 Grammys in her hands which goes with Best Music Video. The singer was not available at the premiere ceremony, however, she later gave an acceptance speech via Twitter:

“I am unable to put into words what this means to me. For @RecordingAcad and my friends to recognize me as a director, and when they do, they recognize my work to try to get my music back. I’m blown away. Thanks to all the fans who wanted this to occur.”

The Grammy 2023 took place in Los Angeles on February 5, 2023. We saw many various artists giving their contribution and appearance to this award function.

In addition to getting news related to the winners and red carpet looks, the function also got help from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckthe date of.

The couple appeared together and sat together, right next to one another, which was nothing less than a dinner date for them.