Teaser Trailer for ‘The Midnight Club’ on Netflix, Release Date, Cast, and More

Teaser Trailer for “The Midnight Club” – Netflix’s Series Gets Release Date, Cast, and More

The Midnight Club is Mike Flanagan’s new horror series based upon Christopher Pike’s YA horror novel. It has released its first teaser trailer on Netflix. It will premiere on Friday, September 7th.

The Midnight Club: Release date

The first teaser for Christopher Pike’s YA horror book of the same title, has been released on Netflix. It will premiere on Friday, September 7th.

The Midnight Club: Synopsis

The Midnight Club is inspired by Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel. It takes place in Rotterdam Home, where teenagers with terminal illnesses gather to share horror stories at midnight. The gang agrees to communicate with each other from the beyond, and that the person who dies first will be the one to do so.

The Midnight Club Trailer

You can view the trailer alongside the key image. It gives us a first glimpse at the main cast and also hints at the series’ dark and creepy tone.

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Cast: The Midnight Club

Heather Langenkamp, from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” films, will play the role of the mysterious doctor who runs the hospice in the limited series. Adia and Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter and Aya Furukawa will star as the “title character club of terminally ill young adult” along with Adia and Igby Riigney, Ruth Codd and William Chris Sumpter and Aya Fuukawa and Annarah shephard and Sauriyan Sapkota. Iman Benson and Larsen Thompson are also included in the cast. Crystal Balint (William B. Davis, Crystal Balint) and Patricia Drake are also part of the cast.

The Midnight Club: Poster

Teaser Trailer for 'The Midnight Club' on Netflix, Release Date, Cast, and More

Other details

Mike Flanagan is the showrunner and also created the Midnight Club series. Leah Fong and Julia Bicknell serve as executive producers. Trevor Macy also serves as an executive producer.

Flanagan and Netflix have collaborated on this latest project together after working together on The Haunting of Hill House. The Fall of the House of Usher is Flanagan’s sixth horror film for the streaming site.

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