Ted 3: When are we going to see the next installment??

In 2012, Ted was released to great fanfare. It was Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut. It is a fantasy comedy that centers on the friendship of John (Mark Wahlberg), and Ted (voiced in MacFarlane). It was a box-office success and received generally positive reviews, particularly for its humor and premise. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.

In 2015, a sequel was released that focused on the more complex question of the existence of the teddy bear in the world. Ted 2 had a similar success rate to the original film. Comedy fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the trilogy that would feature the funny antics of Ted and his daily life.

Possibility for a sequel

Ted 3: When are we going to see the next installment??

Collider asked MacFarlane if there would be a third movie. MacFarlane replied that there was.

It all depends on your appetite. If Ted 2 is as successful as the first, that means people are eager to see more of these characters. Then there will likely be Ted 3. To me, the franchise is more character-based rather than premise-based. You can tell many stories if you have characters people love and want to see again and again. We would definitely do Ted 3. If people want it, of course.

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MacFarlane responded to a similar question on October 27, 2015 by saying that he wanted to keep some space between films. It was possible, but not a priority.

Peacock ordered a TV series that would focus on the Ted prequel in June 2021. According to reports, MacFarlane was in talks to reprise his role as Ted’s voice actor. Erica Huggins would be the executive producers.

MacFarlane posted a photo of the teddy bear in the movie with the caption on instagram on September 13.

“The original Ted stuffy is mentally preparing for his return.”

Expected plot of Ted 3

Ted 3: When are we going to see the next installment??

John’s relationship with his girlfriend was complicated by Ted’s friendship. The movie was based on the original movie. John moves out of John’s house, but John continues to play with his stuffed friend, which causes his girlfriend to end their relationship. Donny kidnaps Ted, who is a fan of Ted and wants him to be a toy for their son. John rescues Ted, and he marries his girlfriend.

The sequel continued the story of John’s divorce and their lives together. Ted marries his girlfriend, and they decide to adopt a child together. However, legal issues regarding Ted’s identity and his existence arise which causes problems. John and Ted decide to fight in court for Ted’s property and life.

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The story could focus on Ted’s adventures and the antics of some other toys. While Ted was famous and well-received, other toys may not have the same luxury and might be living with their human companions. Ted could be taken over by the toys to lead them or take revenge for his jealousy.

Donny could also return for another chance to steal Ted’s identity. Ted could be ruled by a toymaker who would take over his rights and oversee his creation. A future evil Ted could come back from the future and take Ted’s life.

It would be fascinating to see how Ted and John would fare in the sequels.

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