Young Sheldon Update: Since the production of the prequel series The Big Bang Theory titles as ‘Young Sheldon’ had to stop in Los Angeles. The reason behind this stop and stop is that a crew member tests positive for Corona positive. After a long break without production of five or six continuous months.

The Series resumed on 22 September 2020. Our sources confirm that the current production of the third episode of the fourth season is underway. The show this time will feature Lain Armitage as the young version of Sheldon Cooper. The narrator this time will be Jim Parsonwho played the older character of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.

‘Young Sheldon’ positive start to Covid-19 test

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The production crew member although appears asymptomatic but the test reports positive. Because of this the end of the shoot and no production for the rest of the day. Now when we see the current situation it seems that the show can return to the set from Monday.

Image source: deadline

Although the crew member tested positive is isolated. This is not the only case where on the set someone rested positive for this deadly Corona virus. A few days ago, a crew member on the set of All Americans also tested positive for the Coronavirus infection. Now the deadly pandemic is becoming more stressful and dangerous as most of the cases are symptoms.

The entertainment industry is also suffering from the impacts of the deadly Corona pandemic and the global lockdown. Many new seasons of our favourite shows are facing indefinite delays.

WBTV that shot in Vancouver also has to keep last week only because of an absence of quick testing of the Coronavirus. Navy Drew, the Supergirl in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow held back. Last Wednesday, reports the resumption of filming and production of Batwoman and Riverdale.

Speaking of Young Sheldon, the show is currently in the midst of a two-season renewal. The show is a creation of Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro and is set in late 1980s Texas. The show will return on the usual day and date. Thursdays at 8 pm, CBS is expecting some new episodes before the end of the year. But before a set of new episodes is completed, CBS will screen a mixture of reruns and original shows.