Netflix recently released That 90s Show, and nostalgic fans are already wishing for Season 2. And to be really honest with you, we cannot say that we blame them because of the popularity of the first season. So, everything about “That 90s Show” Season 2 will be covered in this post.

The Netflix original sitcom That ’90s Show is a continuation of the That Seventies series. The series was created by Bonnie Turner, Lindsey Turner, Gregg Mettler, and Terry Turner, and directed by Gail Mancuso. The sitcom is produced by Casey Werner, with Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner named as two of the show’s executive producers.

It is now 1995, and Leia Forman is spending the summer with her grandparents in Point Place, Wisconsin. There, she forms friendships with a new generation of youngsters from Point Place under Kitty’s watchful eye and Red’s stern gaze.

Although Netflix hasn’t officially announced a second season, we’ll likely find out more soon. Here’s all the information we have right now a few potential second season of That 90s Show on Netflix.

That ’90s Show Season 2: What’s the Potential Release Date?

That 90's Show Season 2

That ’90’s Show Season 2 renewal has not yet been announced by Netflix as of this writing. Viewing data and other elements, together with the indisputable fact that the show was only recently added to the platform, will have a significant impact on the direction of the series over the next month.

We’ll be capable to make a general prediction about whether or not That ’90s Show will be renewed once we have viewing statistics. In recent years, Netflix hasn’t precisely had the best track record in terms of producing comedy series.

This is something that should be noted. From May 2021, only Wednesday and Monday have been renewed from the slate; both renewals took place in January 2023.

On the other hand, based on other shows that are available on Netflix, it’s unlikely that we’ll see new episodes in the near future, and it is feasible that the second season will premiere in late 2023 or early 2024 .

Cast Expected For That 90s Show Season 2

That 90's Show Season 2
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For the second season, we anticipate that the majority of the cast will return.

Callie Haverda will be playing Leia
Kurtwood Smith he will be playing Red
Debra Jo Rupp he will be playing Kitty
Mace Colonel will be playing Jay
Ashley Aufderheide he will be playing Gwen
Sam Morelos will be playing Nikki
Reyn Doi will be playing Ozzie
Maxwell Acee Donovan will be playing Nate

There is a possibility that former That ’70s Show cast members will make additional guest appearances, including the following:

Topher Grace will be playing Eric
Laura Prepon she will be playing Donna
Ashton Kutcher will be playing Kelso
Mila Kunis he will be playing Jackie
Wilmer Valderrama will be playing in Fez

Expected Plotline For That 90s Show Season 2

That 90's Show Season 2

It’s possible that sending Leia back to Point Place yet another time for the summers could work for That ’90s Show season 2, but it is more likely that the makers will need to find a way to keep her in Wisconsin permanently so that the show. to continue.

It seems that moving Eric and Donna would be the most suitable choice, but this cannot occur until Grace and Prepon conform to play regular characters in the next seasons of the show.

Leia’s parents may find it difficult to let their daughter go, but considering that this may be what she really wants, they may conform to an arrangement where she lives with her grandparents.

Therefore, it’s difficult to foretell precisely what lies ahead for Leia and her friends at the moment, but as soon as Netflix makes a decision about That ’90s Show season 2, the future of the show may become clear.

Where Can You Watch That 90s Show?

That 90s Show is now available to stream on Netflix. Netflix now has all ten episodes of That ’90s Show available to watch.