The Bequeathed – everything you need to know about Netflix’s new k drama!!!!

When will the Releathed come out? Let’s find out the details of the next series. Nowadays Netflix dramas are breaking the stereotypes and coming out with content of various genres aside from romance such as thriller, action, comedy, and even horror!!!!

And the various genres are quite liked by the viewers also because it’s showing that it’s quality content and able to entertain the viewers in a really great way.

The Bequeathed is essentially an upcoming South Korean Netflix original horror series that’s written in addition to directed by Yeon Sang-Ho who is the creator of Hellbound and the Train to Busan franchise.

So let’s continue to find out more deeply about the new horror drama on Netflix titled The Bequeathed, and that I assure you that by the end of the article, you must be equipped enough to know everything about it but for that you must not miss anything and keep reading this article until the end!!!!!!

What will be the Storyline of The Bequeathed?

The Legacy
South Morning China Post

A work that shows villagers turning into zombies with unknown symptoms. This is essentially the short description given by one media house about the series.

Now it has to be revealed what sort of zombies there will be that whether or not they will be fast flesh eating zombies or slow walking like turtles!!!! For this to be revealed we must wait a little longer until the release date of the series!!!!

Who will be cast members in The Legueathed?

Park Hee Soon
South Morning China Post

we will be watching the Korean actors listed below in the horror series:

  • Kim Hyun Joo
  • Park Hee Soon

Until now only two cast members are confirmed by the makers for more we must wait a little long!!!!!

The filming of The Bequeathed took place between the start of November 2022 and the end of March 2023.

When will The Bequeathed be released on Netflix?

Park Hee Soon

So far the release date of this horror k drama is not revealed by the makers but we are speculating that already many series are in line to be released in 2023 so we are expecting this to be released late in -2023 or early 2024.

take care and thanks for reading 🙂