The Big Bang Theory Updates: The biggest character in the frenzy on the blockbuster ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and its spin-off series ‘Young Sheldon’ is Sheldon Lee Cooper. He is a theoretical physicist at Caltech University with a claimed IQ of 187, the same as that of Einstein and Hawking.

Along with his lack of social skills, poor sense of humor, high idiosyncrasy, he also needs teaching about generosity and consent. Despite these, he has some key transformational moments throughout the sitcom.

10. Season 1

Sheldon in his classic graphic t-shirts with long sleeves underneath paired with easy pants begins to bond with their new neighbor Penny which was unnecessary, as the two characters are poles apart.

9. Season 2

His patience reaches an deadlock as Leonard fixates on Penny while Sheldon teaches her to play ‘Age of Conan’, increasing his contact with the opposite sex. A grad student, Ramona’s crush on him does not go unnoticed and he becomes the third wheel to Leonard and Dr.Stephanie Barnett.

8. Season 3

This season gives him a hard time as Leonard starts dating Penny and gets stuck between them when they break up. He finds out about his friends being in North Pole research and their apartment is burgled as he agrees to the changes.

7. Season 4

Towards the end of Season 3, he was set up on a date with Amy Farrah Fowler and by now they agreed on some strange relationship where they’re neither lovers nor friends and his intrepidity grew more over time.

6. Season 5

Among his changes for the better, he his oops and downs when he’s frowns on his of the mother no the shells him anymoagain similar a a child and he does his relatedionship with Amy officerl.

5. Season 6

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon manages to lecture middle school students, albeit unenthusiastically with Leonard and Howard, creates his online show ‘Fun with Flags’ and hires himself a research assistant.

4. Season 7

“The Cooper Extraction” is a testament to how much he’s loved. With him away in Texas, the entire group decorates a Christmas tree while discussing how Sheldon is the center of the group. On the contrary, Sheldon realizes that his relationship with his mother is under pressure as he catches her in adultery with an unknown man.

3. Season 8

He started on bad terms with Howard while teaching. Furthermore, he claims that his relationship with Amy outweighs Leonard’s with Penny and decides to go to Mars and leave Amy, without consulting her.

2. Seasons 9 and 10

Amy breaks off her relationship with Sheldon it just proved to be for the better. To acknowledge their growing love, Sheldon proposes to Amy at the end of S9.

1. Seasons 11 and 12

In Season 11 he made a big breakthrough with Amy on their wedding day. The latest revival has shown many contradictions with regard to their ‘super-asymmetry’ theory but has given them a Nobel Prize as it ends in an understanding and responsive person.

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