The Boys Season 2 Updates: Here is a brand new season, to the most famous team of superheroes, Boys. Now we will clash with Stormfront and its sleazy and demonic and loves rumpling-feathers of Homelander.

We can’t ignore the fact, that all the members of seven are blatantly petrified and awful in their own ways but here, Stormfront is exceptionally racist and without a discriminatory view. Let’s look below for spoilers to know more.

We suggest that Stormfront belonged to the times of the Nazi government. Her birth marks the period, someplace around 1940. Her Pippi Long Stocking Halloween costume bears witness to this simple fact.

Well, this sort of costume was designed back in 1945 and was very similar in that period. The period when Frederick Vought (Nazi scientist and founding father of Vought Enterprises), had marked his presence in the United States

The Possibilities in Season 2 of The Boys

The possibilities suggest that injected with Vought’s Compound V, (a manufactured substance that gives them their powers), Stormfront must be the first supes (An overpowered being. It’s a takedown name from the show).

Watching the series further, we get an idea that the Vought intend to create a really powerful army, with Storfront as their leader. This was implied by the company’s efforts to the Seventh, part of the military.

The Boys Season 2

Also in the comics, she is seen as a Nazi imbued with powers that make her a fantastic chance to age slowly and gradually.

Stormfront is quite aware of the indisputable fact that it has racist ideas flourishing in it. She calls Kenji’s brother bigoted and also beats him to death. Not only that. Every coloured person in the building is also ready by her when she tries to hold Kenji. Later we see her grouping with the boys and building the subject on how the super terrorist will come in.


The conclusion can be very well drawn that it belongs to the Nazi period. Its mentality and ideologies in addition to its slow aging process very well justify this concept.

Although the reassurance of fact can be clarified very well. Being a bigoted nazi was not a backward era specialty. He still lives. Whatever the perceived fact, Stormfront’s entry won’t be a really pleasant one. Let’s get ready for some devastation on the road.