The Boys Season 2 Updates: A large portion of Season 2 of The Boys centered on the continuous confrontation between Billy Butcher’s Team and The Seven. The titular Boys are doing their best to take down Vought and their super-fueled heroes, and the fight is a bloody wide spread.

But, there’s a disturbing third player at work in the series as the Church of the Collective. The Church was first presented through the Deep, which was unceremoniously demoted from its part in the Seven.

The Fund was emotionally defenseless, and the Church used that chance to agree with him about their position. Also, right now, the enigmatic organization may have recently discovered another engagement in Seven’s resident speedster, A-Train.

A-Train has been experiencing a difficult stretch in Season 2. Due to his Compound V, he suffered a heart attack; the hero can barely use his super-speed for longer.

Because of that, Homelander kicked him out of the group, and worse than that, he has to film Dawn of the Seven, a movie that will end with his official departure from the group.

Well, it is really while visiting the film set that Deep meets his old colleague. Like A-Train, the Deep was kicked out of the group, and sent to work as a solo hero. The aquatic superman experienced a descending winding, but was “safeguarded” by the Church of the Collective. The Church gave him one more reason, and even another spouse to support his public image.

What precisely could occur in The Boys Season 2?

The Boys Season 2

The Fund is doing all this in order to be capable to re-enter the Seventh, but it seems that the Church may be getting to him. Sure, the Deep A-Train methodologies, and quickly sell on the idea of ​​the Church.

He welcomes the speedster to a cafe, and even though A-Train seems somewhat reluctant from the start, he ultimately acknowledges. During dinner, the Deep introduces A-Train to the leader of the Church of the Collective, who quickly tries to get under the skin of the superhuman.

A-Train sees right through him, and tries to get away, but the leader understands the speedster’s financial issues – and that is enough for A-Train to relax and see what the Church has to bring to the table. it can bring him monetarily. out. It’s unclear what happens next, but it seems as if A-Train may have recently consented to being turned into the Church’s newest recruit.

Like the Deep, he may have joined for private reasons, however, he may end up falling under their influence and control, regardless.

The current situation

Currently, the Church of the Collective has two people from The Seven on their side, and they may include more before the season finds a conclusion.

While this appears to be terrible enough, the most noticeably horrible part, all things considered, is that the fans really haven’t any clue what their ultimate objective is. Regardless of whether the Boys determine how to take down Vought, the real difficulty may come from someone they are not focusing on.