The Ring is returning Netflix for Season 5, and viewers can expect loads of surprises this time around. The contestants on reality television, presented by the actress and comedian Michelle Buteauall of them live in the same apartment complex but only interact online.

Official Clip of The Circle Season 5

Season 1 runner-up and fan favourite Shubham makes a triumphant return in the latest episodes from The Circle Season 5. Finally, Shooby is back inside the building! But you would be wrong if you believed that was the end of the surprises.

Will the Circle allow Shubham to return and play himself in another season, given how much he likes to shake things up? Without even a question. The most trusted participant from Season 1 is returning, but this time it is a catfish.

Shubham knew the score since he reapplied to The Circle, as shown in his promotional video. He can play again, but this time as a catfish. Even that catch has a catch because Shubham is similarly unaware of his profile until he goes to his Circle apartment.

This implies, unlike the previous catfish, Shubham won’t be able to carry out any research or prepare any materials (even if all the information in the world cannot prepare you for an easy golf question). So, who plays Shubham?

Shubham used the words “lonely but happy!!” as if the two exclamation marks were a fence protecting “Sasha” from any flirting. The rest of the profile has many layers, which Shubham wanted.

Shubham made the right choice here because catfish are often found because they keep their profiles and interactions vague.

And, while Shubham has to portray a lady, which historically hinders men, at least he’s playing a lady of his own age. There will be no continuation of the Brian/Brittany plot, which concluded last week.

Cast of The Circle Season 5:

    The Ring Season 5

Brett Robinson is a content creator.
Brian Clark, who is a digital creator and is appearing in the show as catfish Brittney.
Billie Jean Blackett, a model, will enter the series as her ex-boyfriend Bruno.
Chaz Lawrey describes himself as the “Shampoo Papi”
Marvin Achi, a chemical engineer, and fitness enthusiast, often posts about his journey on his social media pages.
Oliver Twixst is a 27-year-old musician and content creator who will be competing for the grand prize on the popular Netflix reality TV show.
Raven Sutton is a disability advocate and deaf artist.
Sam Carmona has over 750k followers on TikTok and is a self-described Brooklynite.
Tasia Lesley is a 29-year-old content creator.
Tom Houghton, stand-up comedian, released his special, The Honorable, earlier this year.
Xanthi Perdikomatis is a Greek model who will be playing herself in the famous reality show.

What is The Circle about?

    The Ring Season 5
Digital Spy

The Circle follows a group of individuals who live in the same apartment building but only contact one another through online messaging systems, never meeting in person or hearing one another’s voices.

The cast rates one another during rating ceremonies throughout the game, with the most popular labeled “influencers” and the least popular in danger of being “blocked” and removed from the game.

What makes The Circle even more intriguing is that competitors can build online accounts as themselves or act as someone else, raising suspicions as players try to determine who is being genuine and who is a catfish.