The Curse Of Bridge Hollow Update: Now we’re going to discuss the latest Netflix movie where we’re going to be watching Priah Ferguson, where she was from foreign affairs fame.

Kites are bridge hollow is really going to Netflix in time for the Halloween season and it is a spooky movie that everybody can enjoy even with the family.

Jeff Wadlow is the director and also directed Kick-Ass 2, the latest comedy that leads a father and daughter duo, who try to fight evil in order to save their town so they can escape from an evil curse that brings Halloween decorations for the city which results in the disastrous results.

Marlon Wayans is a science teacher in the film who doesn’t believe in the supernatural or superhuman creatures or in the world, but everything changes, and that even results in the belief of Marlon Wayans, where he and his family walk from Brooklyn to Bridge Hollow. and then a cure is accidentally created.

Guys, if you’re attempting to find something not so scary, but you want to be a little scary this Halloween, then you are completely in the right place, we present you The Curse Of Bridge Hollow, the movie.

Release Date For The Movie, The Curse Of Bridge Hollow

The Curse Of The Hollow Bridge

Since everyone seems to be very keen to celebrate Halloween this year and it is only that your celebrations will be more thrilling, and this is because the most awaited movie, The Curse Of Bridge Hollow is finally here and we will be watching this movie on 14th of October 2022 and it’s Friday.

Let Us Know What Scored It?

The film got a TV rating – 14 rating, which means that a large audience, yes but in a few cases, it may not be for youngsters under 14 as a result of the indisputable fact that it still contains some content of horror and may not be appropriate for them.

The Cast Of The Curse Of Bridge Hollow Movie

Let’s find the people in the movie:

We will be watching:

  • Priah Ferguson
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Myles Perez
  • Holly J. Barrett
  • Abigail Shapiro
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Lauren Lapkus
  • Rob Riggle
  • Dave Sheridan
  • Nicholas Wolf
  • Gordon Tarpley
  • Doug Dawson

There are the main main people, who we will see largely in this movie.

Trailer For The Movie

If everyone seems to be very confused about the trailer then yes there’s a trailer, here is the link you can watch it.