Dragon Prince Season 5 will be released on Netflix this summer, even though no exact date has been confirmed.

When will there be The Dragon Prince Season 5? Let’s find out the details below. After a three-year hiatus, Dragon Prince will return to Netflix for its fourth season.

The Dragon Prince is a Netflix An original animation set in the legendary land of Xadia. The first three seasons detailed the narrative of Callum, Rayla and Ezran’s battle to return Zym, the Dragon Prince, to his mother.

But the narrative has yet to be finished. Viren is still out there, conspiring to free Aaravos, and the heroes have yet to stop him in Season 4.

This time, their adventure will take them to the big oceans. Here’s when The Dragon Prince: Season 5 will start and other information you should know.

When will The Dragon Prince Season 5 come out?

The Dragon Prince Season 5
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Dragon Prince Season 5 will be released on Netflix this summer, even though no exact date has been confirmed. Season 4 was released on Netflix last November, marking one of the show’s fastest turnarounds in its history.

The cast of The Dragon Prince Season 5.

The Dragon Prince Season 5

The well-known cast, who have been with the show since the start, will return next season:

Prince Callum (voice by Jack De Sena):

Claudia (voice by Racquel Belmonte)

Soren (voice by Jesse Inocalla)

Crown Prince / King Ezran (voice by Sasha Rojen)

Viren (voice by Jason Simpson)

Azymondias / Zym (voiced by Jack De Sena)

Rayla (voice by Paula Burrows)

What could be the Plot of Season 5?

The Dragon Prince Season 5

After the fourth season, the series is anticipated to continue. Following the fundamental premise of the half-brother princes Callum & Ezran, in addition to the elf Rayla Moonshadow, who must end the thousand-year conflict between the human regions and the legendary creatures of the magical realm of Xadia, from which flow the seven primary sources of magic, both light and dark.


The Dragon Prince Season 5
The Dragon Prince

The animated series features princes Callum, Ezran, and an elven slayer named Rayla as they unexpectedly come together to safeguard Zym, the young dragon prince.

On the journey to reconcile Zym with his mother, they must be in the middle of a 1000 year battle between the human realms and the magical creatures of their planet, Xadia.

The third season concluded with our main three accomplishing their goal of reuniting Zym while ending long-standing feuds amongst some of the kingdoms.

As the story unfolds, Ezran ascends to the throne while Callum learns the art of magic. The trio (together with Bait) continue to fight for peace while Viren, a former member of the High Council, plans to take the throne.

As we enter Season 4, Viren has been conquered, and everything appears to be swimming. Unfortunately, we have a brief time jump and we find that Viren’s daughter, Claudia, has resurrected him at the direction of Aaravos, a malevolent Startouch Elf.

The Mystery of Aaravos, the fourth season of The Dragon Prince, is about establishing the new norm as our characters have moved on from the end of Season 3.

Rayla, Callum, Ezran, Zym, and Soren must reconcile their differences to preserve the world from the wrath of the gods.

Where am I able to watch The Dragon Prince?

The Dragon Prince Season 5

The Dragon Prince is a Netflix Original series, which means it is just available on the Netflix streaming platform.

To watch The Dragon Prince Season 5, you must have a Netflix account and wait for its release date, which is scheduled for July.