The Dragon Prince boasts probably the most diversified casts of characters in any animated program.

In Dragon Prince Season, 5 is more menacing and intense than before! Dragon Prince has quickly become one of Netflix’s best series.

Aaron Ehasz and JAustin Richmond co-created the animated series, which featured two princes and an Elf assassin as they fought to bring peace to a mysterious world.

There are elves, dragons, and humans in Xadia. With so many species trying to live in harmony, humanity’s thirst for supremacy has resulted in an all-out battle.

Now that Aaravos, the Elf Startouch, has been released, the countries must come together to stop him.

This plot will be continued in the future season. Let’s look forward to what’s to come as this arc progresses. Here’s everything we know about Season 5 of The Dragon Prince.

When will The Dragon Prince Season 5 be released?

The Dragon Prince Season 5

On July 27, 2023, The Dragon Prince will return for Season 5. Season 4 was released on Netflix last November, marking one of the show’s fastest turnarounds in its history.

For those who do not know, there was a three-year gap between seasons three and four of The Dragon Prince, with the pandemic playing a role.

Season 5 Cast and Characters

The Dragon Prince Season 5

The Dragon Prince boasts probably the most diversified casts of characters in any animated program. Because the world is split into kingdoms, the number of humans (or dragons) keeps increasing.

That being said, here is the primary cast of The Dragon Prince Season 5. High Mage Callum, Bait, and Prince Azymondias are all voiced by Jack DeSena. Sasha Rojen as Sultan Esran, Jason Simpson as the High Mage Viren, Paula Burrows as Rayla, Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, and Jesse Inocalla as Soren are amongst the other cast members.

What will The Dragon Prince season 5 be about?

The Dragon Prince Season 5

The next season of Dragon Prince is a fight between heroes and villains against the clock.

Claudia, a dark wizard, is rushing to free the elven genius Aaravos so she can save her father Viren from death (and her dark boyfriend Terry is simply too willing to join).

Meanwhile, the elf assassin Rayla, the wizard Callum, the knight Soren, and the young King Ezran are racing against the clock to stop Claudia and Viren from unleashing the most powerful and evil entity she has ever seen. the world of Xadia.

Each season of Dragon Prince is subtitled after the primordial source that the protagonists investigate (generally bringing them to an unfamiliar region where they meet a new set of elves).

According to the ocean shots, our heroes will meet the Tidebound elves, who use water magic in this new season.

Several new characters are introduced, including what appears to be a terrible assassin at the end who kills a bunch of Sunfire elves.

The Dragon Prince hints that as the series nears its end, things will get darker and darker, hinting that season 5 will be more dangerous than ever as either side they’re racing against the clock. It’s only a matter of time before the two sides clash in the upcoming episodes.