The Dropout – When it’s released??

Elizabeth Holmes was a woman who had it all. Her startup Theranos, which claimed to be a revolutionary blood-testing system, made her a media darling. The Dropout, like many great startup scam stories shows that Theranos is nothing but a fraud.

“The Dropout” began as a podcast by ABC News and ABC Radio. Rebecca Jarvis was ABC News’ chief technology and business correspondent. This is what ultimately led to Holmes’ fate (via ABC Audio). This popular podcast would also be used as the basis of specials that were aired on the same network. It’s now the basis of a new Hulu limited series. This is according to The H Hollywood Reporter.

When will The Dropout be released?

The Dropout - When it's released??

The release date is unknown at this time, other than the projected 2022 release. Hulu did order the series as part of its 2019 selections, but there was no set premiere date. The changing nature of the story may have an impact on its premiere. As Holmes is tried, the podcast it was based on has been re-produced (via ABC News).

Hulu’s 2021 slate has proved to be a strong contender in original series and films. As a comedy favorite, “Only Murders in the Building”, received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. TV Line predicts that it will do well in awards season. “Dopesick”, on the other hand, tackled the serious issue of American opioid addiction. Michael Keaton is a well-known actor who proves that he can handle drama. (via Los Angeles Times). Hulu’s commitment is to bringing in stars makes “The Dropout,” a must-see show.

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Who is in The Dropout’s cast?

The Dropout - When it's released??

Amanda Seyfried will play Elizabeth Holmes. She also gets a producer credit for “The Dropout.” Kate McKinnon was originally confirmed, but she backed out in 2021 (via Vulture). Naveen Andrews, best known for her role on “Lost,” plays Sunny Balwani as Holmes’ boyfriend.

The series features a lot of talented actors, aside from Andrews and Seyfriend. Laurie Metcalf and William H. Macy, both veteran actors, will play key roles in the story. Macy will portray Richard Fuisz who was accused by Holmes of stealing technology. He will play an important role in the expose of her and her misleading statements.

Metcalf plays the role of Phyllis Gardner. Her idea to create a Stanford University professor who knew Holmes as a student was doomed to failure. Gardner was a force in exposing Holmes to the medical community thanks to her persistence and keeping an eye on Holmes-related news. The limited series will feature Utkarsh Abudkar, Elizabeth Marvel, Kate Burton and Stephen Fry. Bill Irwin, Bill Ironside, Bill Irwin and Josh Pais also star (via Deadline).

What is The Dropout’s story?

The Dropout - When it's released??

Elizabeth Holmes graduated from college in 2003 and began a career as a biomedical engineer. After claiming an advanced blood-testing technique, her company, Theranos would become a major force. Holmes was a business star who became known for her ability to test blood and other advanced methods. After a 2015 Wall Street Journal expose, everything came to an abrupt halt for Holmes. Holmes would be convicted of fraud after the results.

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Hulu’s “The Dropout,” a limited series, examines the rise and fall for Theranos. The project was created by Elizabeth Meriwether as part of her 20th Television deal. Michael Showalter will be directing several episodes. Before joining, he had directed “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” and starred in the film with Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield, and is another story that was inspired by Tammy Faye Bakker, an evangelist.

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