The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained: The Glory is a South Korean revenge drama series on Netflix which was written by Kim Eun-sook.

The main character, Moon Dong-eun, is a highschool student who, during the course of the novel, is subjected to vicious bullying at the hands of her classmates.

Even the contact with the teachers and the police is useless because the families of the tormentors are rich, while Dong-eun comes from a moderate family.

When her own mother betrays her in return for money, Dong-eun drops out of school and spends several years thinking only of taking revenge on people who either tortured her or tried to cover up the cruelty she suffered. She later earns a teaching credential and begins working with Park Yeon-jin’s daughter, in her homeroom.

When she finally makes her presence known, the people who bullied her in the past recognize that it’s time for their reckoning, despite their superiority complexes and hubris.

The main themes of “The Glory” are school violence and retaliation. The narrative also heavily emphasizes class warfare. Everything you might want to know about how the second part of ‘The Glory’ comes to an end is given here.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

The Glory Part 2
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When we first met Moon Dong-Eun, she had a stony expression on her face and was covering up her ugly scar with makeup. To avenge the bullies from her highschool, Lee Sa-Ra, Son Myeong-O, Hye-Jeong, Park Yeon-Jin, and Jeon Jae-Jun, she was there.

Dong-Eun wouldn’t must wait so long and look for a partner to claim her revenge if these individuals weren’t powerful and wealthy.

We saw in the first part of The Glory how Dong-Eun grew near Joo Yeo-Jeong, a doctor and the future owner of Joo General Hospital.

He gave her Go lessons so she could defeat Do-Yeong, promised to be her executioner, and ultimately fall in love with Dong-Eun. Do-Yeong is a multimillionaire business magnate and Yeon-Jin’s husband.

Dong-Eun wants Do-Yeong to help her in her search, but getting in touch with him will not be easy. She enters every area of ​​Yeon-Jin’s daughter’s life by taking a teaching position at her school.

Do-Yeong discovers several things about his wicked wife as the series continues. She is not simply a bully; she cheated on him with Jae-Jun, another person on Dong-Eun’s list of victims, and her highschool sweetheart.

Do-Yeong and Jae-Jun slowly come to the realization that Ye-Sol is, in fact, Jae-Jun’s daughter and that Yeon-Jin is deliberately hiding this information from both of them.

Yeo-Jeong is trying to inject color into Dong-Eun’s monochromatic life meantime. But So-He’s death is just beyond the limit, and obviously, Dong-Eun’s revenge is waiting for her there too.

Who killed Myeong-O?

The Glory Part 2
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Myeong-O was killed by Park Yeon-Jin in order to stop Park Yeon-Jin from revealing the reality about Yoon So-Hee’s death.

Myeong-O’s son finally calls Yeon-Jin to the same place she at all times engages in her promiscuous affairs in – Siesta’s changing room – after she tries to lure everybody into asking for any amount of money .

Myeong-O starts recording Yeon-jin’s conversation on his phone after threatening her with the discovery of her cheating that will begin, but Yeon-Jin is not the least bit scared by this attempt of extortion.

However, Yeon-Jin ultimately takes one of the alcohol bottles and repeatedly hits Myeong-O in the forehead with it until Myeong-O falls to the ground and begins to slowly pass out in the pool. of his own blood.

Does Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

The Glory Part 2
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Now that we have reached the most thrilling section of the series, the conclusion, things get pretty hectic.

Do-Yeong’s mother recently found out that Ye-Sol’s father’s name is Jae-Jun, and as a result, she has been chasing Yeon-Jin while brandishing a stick. Dong-Eun exposed Yeon-Jin to the world and wrote about Sa-Ra’s drug abuse. Yeon-Jin used Kang Heyon-Nam, her former maid, to defeat her enemies.

De-Yeong also left Yeon-Jin. She is alone in a jail cell while her friends also pay for their transgressions. Yeon-Jin is now withering alone, away from money, fame, and her so-called friends, after Dong-Eun exacted her revenge. Yeo-Jeong is not forgotten, even if she has sought her revenge.

Kang Yeong-Cheon also receives compensation for killing his father. Glory has evolved even although its main theme has at all times been Dong-Eun’s retribution. Not only does Dong-Eun get her revenge, but she also has a partner who will stick by her side no matter what.