Part Glory 2 is all set to release tomorrow and here are the latest updates you need to know. The opening act of Glory prepared the audience for Song Hye-Dong-vengeance. Kyo’s eun’s In the second trailer of the series, a distraught Dong-eun is seen writing a letter to her bullies, especially Yeon-jin, the student who physically and psychologically harassed her at school.

As she types the lines, images of what happens flash before her eyes, including a burning house, Dong-eun sobbing, and Lee Do-Joo Hyun’s Yeo-Jung promising to be her executioner. The teaser previews the chaos that follows and is loaded with explosive tension.

Brief synopsis of The Glory Part 1, season one.

The Glory Part 2
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The origin of Song Hye-Dong-eun, Kyo’s middle-class daughter who was severely abused by her wealthy classmates, was revealed in the first episode of the revenge drama.

Over the following years, she quietly begins planning her revenge before dropping out of school and taking a job teaching her bully Yeon-homeroom. Jin’s daughters find refuge in Lee Do-Hyun as the series continues, who promises to support her in her bloody quest for revenge.

What should you know about The Glory Part 2 Trailer?

Let us examine the reason behind the growing darkness of the revenge saga.

The new two-minute trailer for the series The Glory Part 2 shows Dong-eun planning the next stage of her revenge strategy before meeting her former tormentor Park Yeon-jin, who Kim Ji -Yeon plays.

On March 10, Netflix will debut the second part of the highly anticipated series. The trailer shows Lim Ji-character Yeon’s Park Yeon-jin meeting Song Hye-character kyo’s Moon Dong-eun and preparing her next steps.

In highschool, Yeon-jin and a few of her rich friends tormented Dong-eun. They abused her physically and emotionally. But they still do not feel bad about what they did at school when they were adults.

It seems that Dong-maljuba eun’s plan becomes more sinister when she tries to psychologically harm Yeon-jin. The Glory Part 2 teaser shows her fully devoid of feelings or emotions. Dong-eun tells Yeon-jin in a scenario, “Maybe I should open your mouth.” Dong-eun’s main goal is Yeon-jin, but she also has the other people who helped her torment Yeon-jin in her eyes.

Another scenario has the bullies blaming one another for the death of J, the victim of their bullying before Dong-eun. Myeong-o, a character played by Kim Gun-woo, says, “I’m the only one here who is innocent. I am.” In Part 1, Myeong-o was reported missing.

There are also worries about Dong-eun. At one point, Ha Do-yeoung of Jung Sung il’s character asks Dong-eun, “Will you find happiness after this revenge?”

The cast and release date To Know About The Glory Part 2 Trailer.

One of the highest paid K-drama performers, Song Hye-Kyo, was praised by critics for portraying Dong-eun as the main character. The Glory Part 2 also features Lee Do-hyun, Cha Joo-young, Park Sung-hoon, Lim Ji-Yeon, Jung Sung-il, and Kim Gun-woo. On March 10, Netflix will release the second installment.