Catherine turns away from the impersonator and resumes her game of Russian Roulette. While Catherine experiences an existential crisis, Maxim fulfills his destiny and kills Pugachev.

The Big Season 3 was released yesterday 12 May 2023, and here is the thing you might have missed in the series.

At the conclusion of the season, Catherine must decide whether to be deposed or find her fighting spirit and take the helm once more.

The delicately historical comedy-drama series focuses on Catherine the Great’s rise to power after her marriage to Peter III of Russia. She finds herself immersed in a society with many ideas and traditions that she tries to challenge.

The Great Season 3 put Catherine to the test of her strength and will. Although she managed to get the throne and triumphed against Peter, she faced several challenges.

This season made Catherine change totally, forcing her to mature.

The Big End Season 3 Explained: What happens in season 3?

The Great Season 3

Archie realized he had no choice but to find a way to cooperate with Catherine when she was crowned Empress.

He needed to be close, watch over and influence Catherine as he knew of her progressive tendencies and her desire to exclude the Church from the press.

It helps her understand the power that the Church exercises over people and why Catherine wants to stick with it anytime she tries to get away from God and religion. One issue where Catherine and Archie disagree is Paul’s ordination.

Marial finally turns on him and tells Catherine everything, although. The Empress gives the order to beat Archie, strip him of his office, and bury him alive out of anger.

However, she first makes him sign a declaration to unite the Church behind her and strengthen her claim to the throne. She also asks him to sign a document that pays all the servants under the free Church and distributes the property owned by the Church to them.

Because of this, she can free millions of serfs without consulting the nobles. She hopes that by carrying out this study, she will be capable to see in a controlled environment how the sefqa will react to their new freedom and persuade the nobles to free their servants. Archie, still alive and buried, would have

Archie is buried alive and would still be there if Maria hadn’t intervened. She lies to Catherine about his betrayal to further her status.

Although it is useful to her, Marial never wants her cousin to die. After the guards go home, she digs the grave and is happy to discover that Archie is still alive. He is still alive.

A killer behind the murder of Pugachev?

The Great Season 3
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Catherine turns away from the impersonator and resumes her game of Russian Roulette. While Catherine experiences an existential crisis, Maxim fulfills his destiny and kills Pugachev.

Petrov rolls his corpse into Catherine’s office while Nikolai, an astronomer, discusses a comet headed their way. Then Petrov dares Nikolai to a fight. Catherine spends the night with Nikolai’s wife, who had an affair with Petrov’s fiancée.

Elizabeth cuts them off and commands Catherine to focus on the issues. Catherine tells Elizabeth to go, but she controls the guards. Elizabeth warns Catherine to take control or take over on her own before she leaves.

Hugo comes up with another strategy someplace. He informs Georgina that this time she can become queen. She needs to marry Paul. When he was one year old, he married Agnes. Georgina calms Hugo down with a cup of tea. In the woods, Georgina discovers Grigor with Paul.

Finally, Grigor’s anguish resulted in a collapse. Right now he’s the one who is deceptive. Grigor talks about his complicated feelings for Marial. Georgina talks about her new strategy to take over as Empress. Georgina passes out while Grigor and Paul leave.