The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date + Cast & Plot

The official Weibo account for “The King’s Avatar”, (originally: “Quanzhi Gaoshou”) announced that the series would be continued with a third-season. You can see the first visual below.

Ye Xiu is now eligible to register for the season 9 qualifiers. Quanzhi Gaoshou returns for the third season. The upcoming season will focus on Team Happy’s competitive journey.

Team Happy made their debut in the Season 9 qualifiers, and then joined the Glorious Professional League Season 10. It would be interesting to see them again in season 3, even if they don’t win the trophy. There’s a Netflix live streaming of The King’s Avatar for those who cannot wait for the third season.

Netflix is known for its original series. Although you won’t be able to see animated versions on Netflix, you can still watch the entire series live.

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Is there a third season of The King’s Avatar?

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date + Cast & Plot

Season 2’s first episode aired on September 27, 2020 and was viewed more than 1.3,000,000 times on Youtube. Although the first episode was a success, the ratings for the second and subsequent episodes were lower than the previous ones.

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The average episode viewed between 600,000 to 1 million views. However, as the series crossed the mark, the number of viewers began to drop. Some episodes have only received around 3100 000 views, and that’s not a huge number. As the viewership drops, you’ll probably notice the studio animating The King’s Avatar. The King’s Avatar’s second episode doesn’t seem to be as successful. Future episodes depend on how many viewers it has and how much money they make.

Rumours circulated online about the third season. An announcement will be made shortly. It’s now official. The official Weibo account for The King’s Avatar announced that the series would continue with a third-season.

Release Date for Season 3 of The King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date + Cast & Plot

China released the twelve-part first season under director Xiong Ke at B.CMAY PICTURES between April 2017 and June 2017. In May 2018, a three-part sequel OVA was produced by Colored Pencil Animation.

At the moment, The King’s Avatar Season 3 is still in development.

Between September and December 2020, the second season of Donghua was also released in twelve parts as video on demand. The King’s Avatar for the Glory, a 98 minute prequel film that was made before the first season of Donghua, was released in August 2019.

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Tencent Video has both seasons of “The King’s Avatar” available in original Chinese audio. English subtitles are also available on YouTube. Based on Hu Dielan’s web novella, the series was published in print between April 2012 and May 2017.

Visual of The King’s Avatar Season 3

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date + Cast & Plot

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Cast and Characters

Where to Watch The King’s Avatar

You can watch The King’s Avatar here:




The King’s Avatar Act

Ye Xiu, widely regarded as a pioneer and top-tier professional player of the online multiplayer game Glory is known for his contributions and skills over the years. He finds work in an internet café nearby after he is forced to quit the team. He returns to Glory’s tenth server and uses a new character called “Lord Grim” to get back into the game.

Ye Xiu’s first achievements on the new server instantly caught the attention of many players as well as big guilds. This made them wonder about his identity. Although he has ten years of experience, and deep knowledge, it is difficult to start afresh without sponsors or a team in a game that has evolved over the years. Ye Xiu, along with his talented new comrades is once more dedicated to the climb to Glory’s summit.

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