The Last of Us Episode 6 and 7 was released last week, and here are some details you did not notice. Last week’s Last of Us episode may have been the darkest and most tragic of the series.

Fortunately, episode six, “Kin,” provides tonal relief and shows us enough moments of optimism and opportunity for life in the post-cordyceps world to reassure us that it’s still possible to create significant lives for ourselves.

What Happened in The Last Of Us Episode 6 Review and Explanation.

The Last of Us Episode 6

Let’s have a look at the understanding of episode 6 of the series.

Start with a flashback to the terrible death of Henry after Episode 5, Episode 6 then jumps forward three months, where winter has come wherever Joel and Ellie are in Wyoming.

To gather information, they kidnap an Indigenous couple, who explain that the landscape only gets worse from here and that anything west of a particular river can even be dead.

They discover some survivors on horses around them as they continue to roam. Ellie and Joel are deemed clean by their smelly dog, but are still reluctant to let them in until a lady asks Joel his name.

The brothers are only reunited once it’s discovered that they’re from Tommy’s commune. Maria is the enigmatic woman; they became partners after Tommy left the Fireflies.

Ellie leaves The Farewell Girl’s community screening hidden so she can listen to Joel’s talk. To her, it looks like Joel is leaving her, but a last minute change of heart allows Joel to provide Ellie with a resolution. She’s going with Joel the rest of the way because it is what she wants.

The two arrive at the establishment on a horse captured from the neighborhood only to discover it abandoned and overrun by escaped lab monkeys. They discover a map that points to Salt Lake City, but raiders attack them before they can proceed.

Joel manages to cut the neck of whoever rules him. He, unfortunately, doesn’t escape unscathed as he impales himself without even realizing it. Ellie puts Joel on their horse to escape the danger, but after a while, Joel slows down, and Ellie is left with no idea what to do or where to go.

Ellie needs this ending, even if it’s brutal and shocking: right after she admits that she needs Joel, he abruptly disappeared. We hope you continue to take care of Joel next week and make it to their new destination of Salt Lake City.

When is the seventh episode of The Last of Us coming out?

The Last of Us Episode 6
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HBO Max will release The last of us Episode 7 on Sunday, February 26, at around 9 pm (ET) / 6 pm (PT).

What we can expect from episode 7 of “Last of us”: Trailer Explanation

Left Behind is the name of the next episode The Last of Us. Liza Johnson is directing, and Neil Druckmann wrote the screenplay.

According to the promo, Ellie’s origin story will be thoroughly explored in the upcoming episode. She attended FEDRA’s Boston QZ campus before joining Joel. She is shown running around on a basketball court with her friends and hanging out with a girl her own age, who appears to be quite similar.

Ellie had previously admitted to Joel that she had killed someone, and the trailer suggests that we may see an analogous tale unfold leading up to her first hunt. She may even be spotted hanging out with a pal in an abandoned clicker-infested mall.

Ellie confessed that she committed her first murder in this mall but she was alone. This episode will provide information and sure act as the foundation of Ellie’s character.