Episode 6 of The Last of Us was released on February 19, 2023. After an intense episode that ended with two tragic deaths, The Last of Us takes a step back this week to dig deeper into the inner life of its two main protagonists.

As they go to Wyoming to search for Tommy, Joel, and Ellie are forced to consider their relationship and the lengths they will go to discover a cure for the Cordyceps infection.

Joel spent most of the season butchering. Infected with compassion and efficiency, Episode 6, “Kin,” spends time examining the man’s weaknesses and fears. Joel has never been in additional danger. So it seems he feels he might die at the end of Episode 6.

Ending Explanation of The Last of Us Episode 6?

The Last of Us Episode 6
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The main concern for fans who have not played The Last of Us will be if Joel dies after being stabbed after episode 6. Joel, however, doesn’t die after The Last of Us episode 6.

Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, is left alone in The Last of Us episode 7 since Joe abandoned her; even though seriously injured, she doesn’t die but instead falls from loss of blood.

The cannibal story, in which Ellie meets David after trying to get medication to treat Joel’s wounds, will likely be adapted for the upcoming episode.

Joel explains to Tommy that Tommy’s old age has been catching up with him. He lacks the stamina that made him a fearsome warrior for more than twenty years after the apocalypse; he’s partially deaf, his body doesn’t react as quickly as it once did, and he’s also partially deaf.

While it is common to become older and spot that your body is less flexible, Joel’s physical restriction continues to fuel his anxiety. Joel makes excuses to take Ellie to the Fireflies to honor Tess (Anna Torv) final request.

The fact is that he cares about the girl. Joel then convinces himself that he will be to blame for Ellie’s death as he feels that time is taking away his abilities.

Ellie will eventually perish as he won’t be able to save her in time. Joel does not worry about dying, but the thought of losing another daughter paralyzes him. Ellie has become a daughter to him, and she is as fragile as Sarah (Nico Parker) was when she died.

Joel is forced to acknowledge in Episode 6 that Ellie is not Sarah. That looks like one of those circumstances that will undoubtedly never change., particularly given the significant role Joel plays in the journey and how closely the show is following some aspects of the game.

So, it is safe to assume that Joel will survive this. But after all, this is a zombie apocalypse. Everything is feasible.

What will occur in episode 7?

The Last of Us Episode 6

Unfortunately, he’s unlikely to recover quickly. The Last of Us episode 7 will focus largely on The Last of Us: Left Behind, DLC that showed Ellie a few weeks before the game starts as she and Riley explore an abandoned mall should be a primary focus of -episode The Last of Us. 7, which appears to be a significant flashback episode. Also, be ready if the idea of ​​an episode of Ellie’s story was not enough to cheer you up.