The star of The Last of Us Melanie Lynskey, who appeared in the series this Sunday as Kathleen, recently responded to the criticism that’s doing rounds on the internet. She responded to a tweet that said, “Her body says the life of luxury.”

What did Melanie Lynskey answer? Who criticized her on Twitter? What happened after Melanie’s answer? Here are the answers to these questions.

Adrianne Curry criticized the casting of Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey
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Melanie Lynskey took to Twitter to finally respond to the criticism that occurred after the winner of America’s Next Top Model Season 1, Adrianne Curry made a tweet. It was not just a regular tweet, rather it consisted of some strong criticism against the characterization of Melanie Lynskey in ‘The last of us.’

This is what the tweet said, “her body says the life of luxury … not post-apocalyptic [sic] war chief.” After that, they started throwing comments where people were pretty much agreeing or disapproving of Adrianne Curry. However, the tweet was later deleted.

Melanie Goes All Heartbroken While Responding To Criticism Over Her Casting

Melanie Lynskey
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It seems that Adrianne Curry’s tweet must have made Melanie Lynskey furious as she took to Twitter to give a heartbreaking response. She posted a screenshot of the deleted tweet together with a picture of the star’s InStyle shoot.

Afterwards, the Yellowjackets star made a separate tweet praising the co-creators of ‘The Last of Us’ for casting her. She appreciated the proven fact that she casts a character who is not “the coolest or toughest person” but someone who has the best ideas in the devastating world of The Last of Use.

She added: “I understand that some people are mad that I am not the typical casting for this role. That’s thrilling to me. Apart from the moments after the action is called, when you feel like you’re actually in someone else’s body, the most exciting part of my job is subverting expectations.”

Even although Adrianne Curry did not make a separate tweet to respond to Melanie, she made comments on different posts.

In one such post, Curry wrote, “I said it was too mild, short and curvy a word to buy as a ‘warlord’ over warrior men in a group of wild humans in a post-apocalyptic societal collapse.”