Interested in get-rich-quick movies, heists, and much of action? then the Netflix original has got your back, as Netflix will release The Lost Lotteries with this concept although! with a twist.

It is confirmed that The Lost Lotteries will be uploaded on November 16, 2022, entirely on Netflix.

The Lost Lottery Trailer

After watching the trailer of Lost Lotteries, it is obvious that the movie has an amazing storyline as it starts with a poor young man who sells lottery tickets ( Tay ) and has big dreams.

One day he received a call from his mother and his mother instructed him not to sell set 5 lottery tickets as 4 people had already booked them, he soon found out that the set 5 lottery ticket had a lottery worth 30 million baht . but the happiness didn’t last long as the ticket is taken by the loon, now the team of six, the lottery ticket seller, his mother, and four others (meta – shabby movie extra, Zoe – mc funny, Khung – failed salesclerk, beat – poor locksmith) who pre-booked the lottery ticket will plan a heist without any prior heist experience.

To win back the lottery tickets, they’ve to put themselves on a pedal and fight the mafia that stole them. each individual has his own skills that will help in the heist, however, the chances for a successful heist are quite low.

The Trailer of the film The Lost Lotteries doesn’t reveal much, however, it’s fixed that the film will be lots of fun.

The Lost Lotteries – Full Cast & Crew

The Lost Lotteries


Prueksa Amaruji is famous for his movies bikeman and riam fighting angel.


Wongravee Nateetorn, Phantira Pipityakorn, Napapa Tantrakul

Other details:-

The director and producer of this film appeared under Netflix’s slate of Thai productions. This debut slate includes four home-produced feature films and two series.