“The Mandalorian” season 3 with “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. in a leading role? This dream may in fact soon become a reality.

“The Mandalorian” producer Jon Favreau and “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. they share a long history in Hollywood: Favreau once directed “Iron Man,” the starting gun for the whole MCU, and Downey Jr. became famous from the 2008 film. catapulted to the top of Hollywood’s A-list.

Do you know that?
Robert Downey Jr. and “The Mandalorian” producer Jon Favreau are old friends and colleagues.
According to rumours, the two are currently searching for a joint project.
So Downey Jr. will he be in “The Mandalorian” or a spin-off soon?

Robert Downey Jr in Mandalorian Season 3

The two are said to have remained close friends since ‘Iron Man’. Jon Favreau directed “Iron Man 2” again and continued to appear as Tony Stark’s closest confidant Happy Hogan in the MCU, while Robert Downey Jr. it is claimed that he was on the verge of taking part in Favreau’s sci-fi action “Cowboys & Aliens”. ” to take the lead role before it went to “James Bond” Daniel Craig.

Hollywood Insider: Favreau and Downey Jr. want to work together again

Robert Downey Jr in Mandalorian Season 3 possible

So it isn’t surprising that the generally well-informed Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman wants to know that Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. are actively searching for a new joint project. And this could even be the series “Star Wars” “The Mandalorian” or the upcoming spin-offs “Ahsoka” or “Guardians of the New Republic”, because all these upcoming “Star Wars” series and For seasons of “Star Wars” series, Favreau’s mind is involved as an executive producer (via We’ve Got It Covered ).

The Disney group should haven’t any objection here either, after all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most financially successful franchise in history, Jon Favreau is currently adding something new to the “Star Wars” universe ” with “The Mandalorian” and the spin-offs mentioned above Leben, and his direct “The Lion King” and “The Jungle Book” together collected nearly $ 2.5 billion at the box office.

The only reason why Robert Downey Jr. in “The Mandalorian Season 3” would be hard to imagine is that he simply has an all too familiar face. So far, the first “Star Wars” series on Disney + avoided the big names and recognizable stars …