The Marked Heart Season 2, the latest Colombian suspense show that has consistently reached the top tens since its world premiere on Netflix in April, received a fast renewal from Netflix. Marked heart season 2 was released on April 19, 2022, and Netflix released fourteen episodes.

The Marked Heart is a melodrama a couple of man who is forced to watch his partner die and who takes her heart to donate to a different woman. He is out for revenge in the field of organ trafficking.

Camila revealed the devastating truth about her heart transplant and her move from Colombia to Istanbul at the end of Season 1. The second season picks up right where the previous one left off. The program has gained quite a lot of attention from viewers since the second season was published on Netflix, thanks to its convoluted and fascinating plot and astonishing climax.

Here’s everything that’s been revealed so far about season 2, together with a detailed explanation of the ending.

Marked Heart Season 2 Ending Explained

The Marked Heart Season 2

The 2nd season followed the complicated narrative of Simón, Camila, and Zacarias. It put individuals in much tougher and terrible situations. Zacarias was still chasing Simón and his family to get revenge for Camila’s death.

Sarmiento tortures Simón, Nicky, and Tomás in the final episode of the second season to get information about Samantha’s location. However, the police arrived just in time, and a few of Sarmiento’s men were killed in a long fight. Sarmiento managed to escape from the scene, but Nicky was seriously injured. Nicky was ultimately discovered to have lived after arriving at the hospital.

Sarmiento was caught by Officer Camacho at the last moment of the last episode on charges of kidnapping, murder, and organ trafficking. It was revealed that Zacairas admitted everything about his activities to the officers and provided enough evidence for law enforcement to arrest Sarmiento.

On the other hand, In the last episode of the 2nd season of The Marked Heart, Zacaras asked Camila to accompany him. He said that everything he did was motivated by his everlasting love for Camila. Camila, on the other hand, was not moved by his comments. She challenged him about his bad deeds, and emphasised how his behavior was turning the lives of so many people upside down.

She goes on to clarify that she was not meant to be alive in God’s plan. Valeria should have been the one who died as a result of Zacaras’ command to insert her heart into Camila’s body.

It made him realize that he was fully responsible for the death of an innocent woman and the destruction of a lovely family. Camila went on to say that she could not love Zacaras anymore because she had Valeria’s heart inside her. Indeed, she hated him for what he had done.

Zacarias promised to take responsibility for his terrible actions that night. He then offered to give his heart to Simón’s daughter Samantha, who needed an emergency heart transplant to survive. He sacrificed his life to save Samantha, whose mother died as a result of his actions. As a result, the season 2 finale of the drama did the show a beautiful justice.