Brie Larson returns as Carol Danvers and her superpowered self in The Marvels, effectively Captain Marvel 2.

The trailer for The Marvels is now available. The film will be released in theaters on November 10.

On Friday, Marvel Studios unveiled a trailer for The Marvels, the upcoming film featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau.

Captain Marvel’s latest Vengeful MCU supervillain is fully revealed in The Marvels Trailer 2.

A movie trailer has been released, exposing Zawe Ashton’s new vengeful scheme MCU villain and details how Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and her newly recruited teammates switch places.

The Captain Marvel 2 teaser follows the reveal of Ms. Marvel’s post-credits sequence, in which Kamala Khan of Danvers and Iman Vellani switched bodies, bringing Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) into the mix and detailing how the new villain Dar-Benn successfully cursed their powers to weave.

The MCU has already shown Captain Marvel’s ability to absorb, and the official supporting material lists it as one of her unique abilities. Still, The Marvels is the first MCU property to expressly confirm the power.

Rambeau says that Dar-Benn binds Danvers, Monica and Khan’s light-based powers together to limit their ability to fight back while discussing how Danvers, Monica and Khan change places when they use their light-based powers.

In the end, this will undoubtedly unite them, making them a stronger one. Another MCU villain who makes snap decisions.

Dar-Benn gives Captain Marvel an original nickname, naming her “the Annihilator” and details her plan for revenge after Danvers stole everything from him.

She is a fanatic and, presumably, a former disciple of Lee Pace’s Ronan The Accuser, who is still hung up on Captain Marvel’s fall of the Kree army in Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel 2 also indicates that Dar-Benn will have a second bracelet that coincides with the superpowered bauble Ms. Marvel, replacing the Power Stone to give her very comparable powers to Ronan. It is unknown why her powers are so different from Ms. Marvel’s.

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Brie Larson returns as Carol Danvers and her superpowered self in The Marvels, effectively Captain Marvel 2.

Kamala Khan, nicknamed Ms. Marvel, by Iman Vellani, will participate in this upcoming film.

Teyonah Parris, who previously appeared in Nia DaCosta’s Candyman, will reprise her role as Monica Rambeau, the now-adult daughter of Carol Danvers’ friend Maria Rambeau.

In the film, Samuel L Jackson will play the lead assembler of Avengers and former head of SHIELD, Nick Fury. In contrast, Zawe Ashton of The Handmaid’s Tale will play enemy Dar-Benn, a Kree warrior, and Park Seo-Joon of Parasite will appear in an unspecified capacity.

Park may be portraying comic book characters Amadeus Cho, nicknamed Brawn, Prince Yan of Aladna, or Noh-Varr, aka Marvel Boy, a Kree warrior enhanced with cockroach DNA and nanobots. The prospect of adding another Marvel character to the mix is ​​attractive.

Kamala Khan’s family will reprise their roles from Ms. Marvel, including her mother, Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff), older brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh), and father, Yusuf (Mohan Kapur).