The trailer begins with a narcissistic introduction to the Monkey King, who feels he’s the greatest of all monkeys.

To become one of the Immortals, the famous Monkey King, or so he claims, must fight 100 demons.

The Monkey King, available on Netflix’s YouTube channel, follows the title character, Lin, and Stick on an action-packed mission to fight 100 demons and ascend to heaven.

Set other than an early age, the trailer’s opening statement describing Monkey King as “the bravest, the most powerful, the most spectacular-terrific, amazing-derful” relates to the film’s narrative arc of ego triumphing to become a hero and draws parallels with Sun Wukong, a hero of Chinese history.

The First Trailer For “The Monkey King” Features A 500-Year-Old High-Flying Legend!

The trailer begins with a narcissistic introduction to the Monkey King, who feels he’s the greatest of all monkeys.

Despite being kicked out of his home clan for being too different, he seems undeterred and tries to join the much more powerful Immortals, deeming himself more than worthy.

However, he was warned that he would must fight 100 demons to capture their attention. He removes the difficult task and finds areas that need protection from demonic terror.

After defeating one, he meets Lin, a girl who aspires to do great things by making a difference in the lives of others round her. She asks the Monkey King to be her mentor, and he willingly accepts.

Lin begins to mentor Monkey King along the way, reminding him that the solution to conquer all is not, but helping others is. Monkey King begins to take this to heart as the Dragon King threatens the kingdom and its innocent citizens until someone can stop him.

The Cast and Crew!

The Monkey King

Monkey King’s voice includes:

Jimmy O. Yang as Monkey King

Jolie Hoang-Rappaport as Lin

Jodi Long as Wangmu

James Sie as Elder Monkey

Nan Li as Stick

BD Wong as Buddha

Andrew Kishino as Demon of Havoc & King Yama

Sophie Wu as Red Girl

Andrew Pang as Mayor

Stephanie Hsu as the Mayor’s Wife

Kuno Inghram as the Mayor’s Son

Bowen Yang as Dragon King

Jo Koy as Benbo

Ron Yuan as Babbo

Hoon Lee as Jade Emperor

The Monkey King is directed by Anthony Stacchi, co-director of The Boxtrolls, and produced by Abominable’s Peilin Chou and Shaolin Soccer’s Stephen Chow. Ron J. Friedman, Stephen Bencich, and Rita Hsiao wrote the screenplay.

The Monkey King production crew includes people who have worked on films such as Hercules, How to train your dragon, Mulan, Kung Fu Panda 3and Shaolin Soccer.

The Monkey King will be available on Netflix on August 18, 2023. The film was announced in 2017 by its main animation company, Pearl Studio, before being linked to Netflix in 2021.