Danish nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen, who received a 12-year jail sentence in 2017 on four counts of attempted murder, is the subject of the true-life drama The Nurse.

It is based on the novel of the same name by Kristian Corfixen. The series summary on the streaming service reads, “One early morning in March 2015, a nurse at Nykobing Falster Hospital called the Danish police.

She believes that another patient was killed on purpose and suspects that a close friend of hers is doing it. A murder investigation unlike any other in Danish legal history is about to begin.

Many coworkers are now coming forward and informing the authorities that they believe the nurse poisoned people; some even claim to have held this belief for years. But as the days pass and Pernille gets used to her environment, she gradually begins to suspect that Christina may be hiding something.

In the end, she decides that she cannot ignore what is going on to her and begins a quest to learn the reality.

When will the next series The Nurse come out?

The Nurse

The Nurse, a Danish-language TV series, has a release date and its first full-length trailer online, thanks to Netflix. The Nurse, a Netflix an original film based on the actual story of a nurse from a Danish hospital in Nykobing Falster, will be released globally on April 27, 2023.

Trailer explanation and description of the series the nurse

In The Nurse, we are transported inside a hospital on the outskirts of Denmark, where everyone seems to be familiar with one another and where staff changes are rare.

The first teaser video for the upcoming Danish crime drama The Nurse has been made available on Netflix. The series will show the story of a nurse in a hospital where patients are forced to commit a crime.

A pair of nurses are seen in the trailer sitting in a hospital; their different behaviors reveal who is a veteran and who is not. Monitoring the patient’s vitals on the monitors while keeping fully still is part of running the night shift. It’s boring for Pernille Kurzmann, who is starting her first night shift duty.

The more experienced nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, says, “Night shifts can be a bit long.” “Other rows, we are submerged.

Those are more pleasant shifts. While Hansen decides to connect, Kurzmann determines that a round of lounge will remove the extreme stillness and sorrow. The hall is serene and quiet as you walk around it. As Kurzmann moves, a person is barely recognizable in the image.

Her pager soon interrupts the silence of the night, signaling the start of an intense moment. Greetings from the night shift. Your initial cardiac arrest. Hansen tells the new girl in the neighborhood, “Room 37. “Get an emergency kit.”

Following is a graphic illustration of the pressures that health care professionals must operate under to preserve lives. The key is to keep the patient stable.

At the same time, the “heart team” is on its way to provide help. But what happens when the person who provides the care also does the harm?