The Old Guard is a superhero drama film focusing on a group of centuries-old immortal mercenaries who have the ability to repair themselves and are at the center of the story. Since the start of time, these four immortal warriors have been guarding humanity in secrecy.

However, when a new immortal member joins them, they’re unexpectedly sought after for their abilities. The group also consists of three other people, specifically Booker, Joe, and Nicky, with Andy serving as the senior member of the group.

The film’s action sequences, in addition to the wonderful performances of the characters, garnered praise from film critics, who usually praised the film.

After its debut on Netflix on July 10, 2020, the film quickly rose to the top of the site’s most streamed list during its first weekend of availability. According to Netflix, the film was also one of the top 10 original releases in the service’s history.

It presents the audience with a puzzle, and even though the resolution clarifies some aspects of the situation, it also fails to address many of their questions. The sequel to the action-drama film is reportedly in the pre-production stages, and fans cannot wait to watch it.

So, in this piece, we’ll cover everything there’s to know about “The Old Guard 2,” including the cast, the plot, and all the other recent developments.

Release Date For The Old Guard 2 On Netflix

Unfortunately, as of this moment, there isn’t any confirmed release date for The Old Guard 2. However, we are aware that production has begun because Victoria Mahoney, the director, recently announced the news on social media and shared a photo from the set.

If we were to make a release date prediction, we’d say the sequel would arrive someplace in July 2023.

That’s because the first movie did well in the July release window and have become one of Netflix’s most popular movies ever. The sequel of the film was officially announced in August 2021.

The Cast Members

The Old Guard 2

The following is a list of the main cast members who are anticipated to return in “The Old Guard 2”:

1. Charlize Theron will portray the role of Andy

2. KiKi Layne will portray the role of Nil

3. Matthias Schoenaerts will portray the role of Booker

4. Marwan Kenzari will portray the role of Joe

5. Luca Marinelli will portray the role of Nicky

Uma Thurman and Henry Golding have been cast in their respective roles in The Old Guard 2, which is currently in production. Although we do not yet know what their individual duties will entail, we can make sure that they will be fantastic additions to the team as they both have experience with the kind of imaginative and quirky action that the Old Guard series is known for.

In addition, since every villain from “The Old Guard” has been eliminated, we anticipate a new group of villains in the sequel, which means that additional actors will be added to the cast.

Expected Plotline

The Old Guard 2

The comic of the same name, which will be followed by “The Old Guard Two: Force Multiplied,” served as the inspiration for the movie “The Old Guard.” We anticipate the sequel to maintain the same level of authenticity that did the previous installment.

Because of how the film ends, we anticipate learning more about the group’s internal conflict and gaining insight into what grants them immortality.

The reappearance of Quynh would be the most significant plot point. Quynh must have had feelings of rejection from Andy after spending 500 years attempting to find her but came up empty handed.

Andy will must revisit her history and deal with some scary things if she returns. The mystery of Quynh’s escape from her hell continues to be raised by her home. She could not do it alone. She must have had help. Who is it, and what do the immortals need from them? “The Old Guard 2” will provide answers to all these questions.

Andy is no longer immortal, which is another significant revelation that will have repercussions for the next part of the story. This is what you discover after a fight at church leaves a stab wound that will not heal.

She realizes that now she will be fighting every battle alone and thinks that the coming of the Nile is to blame for the dramatic change. We anticipate learning more about the characters’ immortality and the process by which each member of the old guard was chosen to be immortal in the sequel.