Netflix’s TUDUM event last weekend revealed a number of information about upcoming movies, with a video set to give us our first look at The Old Guard 2—its long-awaited sequel. The clip, which was shared on social media by Twitter user @CostaRue, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the comic book movie sequel and cast confirmation.

We understand how much you loved the original picture, and we have been working hard to ensure this new movie is even better,” says returning star Charlize Theron as she announces that the sequel is currently filming in Rome.

The Old Guard was among the best movies of 2020 because it was a fun and thrilling action movie that prioritized character over spectacle. You do not use a story concept for a movie a couple of bunch of immortal warriors working as a clandestine ops team just once, particularly if it becomes very popular with viewers.

The Old Guard 2 Cast Members

The Old Guard 2

So, it is no surprise that a sequel is being made, and the cast has since grown to include two intriguing new actors. Henry Golding and Uma Thurman will appear in Old Guard 2 in roles that are still unknown, according to an announcement made by Netflix during their Geeked Week event.

Both have experience acting in action films and comics; Thurman played The Bride in the Kill Bill movies and was also campy as hell Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin.

Additionally, Golding showed some respectable physical prowess while portraying Snake Eyes in the surprisingly terrible GI Joe film from the previous year. It looks like Golding will have some action scenes, and one can only hope that Thurman is given the chance to showcase her continued talent.

Charlize Theron, Kiki Layneand the rest of the original ensemble will return for The Old Guard 2, together with Veronica Ngo as fellow Andy (Theron) immortal BFF Quynh.

The script for the sequel will be written by Greg Rucka, who also collaborated with Leandro Fernández on the original comic, even though Gina Prince-Bythewood won’t be directing it. Victoria Mahoney will take over as director in place of Prince-Bythewood, who will continue to serve as producer.

Old Guard Release Date 2

The Old Guard 2
Harper’s Bazaar

The release date for The Old Guard 2 is currently unknown. But until we have a trailer or poster to drool over, let Golding and Thurman’s participation turn you on and feed your speculator mind.


Even although The Old Guard 2 has started shooting, it will most likely be a while before we see any footage. If it comes out as expected in July 2023, maybe we’ll get something a few weeks earlier. Trailers are often posted by Netflix not long before the movie is released.