Mayas MC Season 3 Update: Many of you must want the new season of Mayas MC to come back with its new season. And many of you must even be excited to watch Mayans MC and The Orville season 3.

But here is some news about the show that we want to share with you is that the production of the show has now been temporarily stopped, and at some point, in the future, the show will be released. These two series are now amongst those being pushed back temporarily because of the state of California.

Mayas MC Season 3: Update

Mayas MC Season 3

As we all know that the world is going through a lot and therefore many things have been disturbed because of this Pandemic phase and look for this the film industry has also been very badly affected. So as many of you know Southern California has recently experienced an unpredictable spike in coronavirus cases. all major precautions have been taken across the board to keep people safe.

TV and Film productions have been exempted from local stay-at-home orders, the request was made by Los Angeles county public health to temporarily reduce production in early 2021. This confrontation must wait until the middle of the end of January in order for them to return from their vacation break. currently, the delay was only intended for one week.

These two series faced lots of production delays since last year Mayans waited until things fell into place again, on the other hand, The Orville had to extend its production, because it’s harder to keep all crew member apart. . We can expect that the delay won’t be for a really long time, the production of the show will stop soon. and this can only be predicted by what happens with the virus in the coming weeks.