The reason behind the separation between Sofia Vergara and her husband of 7 years Joe has been revealed!

Sofia Vergara

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This is the reason why Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe Manganiello decided to separate and move towards divorce. Relationships change over time and sometimes these changes create many difficulties.

If it happens between the couple then it can lead to separation or divorce. The same happens with celebrities as their personal life is treated as one of the public issues where fans and critics participate.

The same is going on with many couples in Hollywood as they move towards divorce or separation.

Among them is the actress Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe Manganiello. Their love story came to an unfortunate end as they announced their divorce on the social media platform. According to the statement that was shared by the couple.

The Reason Behind Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello’s Divorce Revealed!

Sofia Vergara
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According to People’s source, it was revealed that the two of them got married in 2015 and haven’t any kids together.

And maybe because of the same reason and they were growing apart in their relationship for some time.

It doesn’t mean that they never tried to solve all this stuff as they decided to focus on the difficulties. However, the attention someplace went to the various areas and decided to have a separation.

The source also added that the couple were very much in love with one another and were happy and laughing. Their passion in marriage was also full of respect. With time the differences started coming and later, they became bigger.

The differences were seen in their aspect of living life and moving forward with it. And because of the same reason, plenty of stress was also coming.

“Then little by little, they stopped wanting to be together and stopped hanging out because something so small often triggered an attitude that disturbed them, only their attitudes on everything were completely different and something like that is extremely damaging to a relationship.”