The Recruit is a new spy-adventure TV show. Alexi Hawley produced it for the Netflix streaming service.

The narrative of the series seems to follow Owen Hendricks, a CIA lawyer who turns into huge international battles and deadly parties when an asset seeks to disclose her relationship with the agency. Additionally, the network recently changed the premiere date of the series.

The star fans are eagerly waiting for its release. While everyone seems to be wondering when the show will debut on the network, here’s what we know so far about the new series titled ‘The Recruit’.

Who will participate in the Cast of The Recruit?

The Recruit

We are unsure of all the cast members at this time. However, according to the sources, the following cast members are expected to appear in the series. Let’s have a look.

• Noah Centineo
• Aarti Mann
• Daniel Quincy Annoh
• Vondie Curtis-Hall
• Christian Bruun
• Laura Haddock
• Colton Dunn
• Filel Stewart
• Byron Mann
• Angel Parker
• Linus Roache
• Kaylah Zander

What is the Plot of The Recruit?

The Recruit

From what we know, the narrative revolves around Owen Hendricks, a young CIA lawyer who becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of world politics when a former asset threatens to disclose the details of her connection to the agency unless he clears her name.

What is the Recruitment Release Date?

The Recruit

Apparently, there has been plenty of speculation about The Recruit’s release date on the internet. Many rumors had left fans perplexed.

However, Netflix recently confirmed the release date of the series. According to reports, The Recruit will be released on Netflix on December 16, 2022.

Is there a Trailer?

There is currently no official teaser for The Recruit. However, we believe it’s reasonable to assume that the network will release the teaser someplace in November or the first week of December. In any case, we will keep you updated as we learn more.

Despite this, promotional photos of Noah Centineo in character as the main character Owen Hendricks were posted, tantalizing the taste buds of keen fans.

These photos, as spectacular as they’re, will not be enough for those who cannot wait for the show to start.