The Roccat Syn Max Air surpasses last year’s Roccat Syn Pro Air, and not just in terms of features. It also offers in improvement, sound quality, and connection. However, it’s much costlier. We’re just unsure if it does enough for the price.

Roccat seems to strive to increase the value of its products by offering free features and extras in its peripherals. It appears to be doing the same with the Roccat Syn Max Air, which includes a charging station with programmable RGB illumination, quick charging capabilities, and a magnetic ear cup rest to facilitate docking.

These magnets aren’t as strong as the ones on the Astro A50 docking station, but they get the job done. Plus, this charging station doubles as a wireless USB receiver so you will not be losing and replacing it anytime soon.

Their cooling capabilities, according to Roccat, are a combination of the cooling gel inside and the airy fabric that covers the section that comes in full contact with the sides of your face, increasing your comfort.

There are three physical controls besides the volume dial: the power button, the mic monitor wheel, and the Bluetooth button. Because the mic is flip-to-mute, there isn’t any mic mute button. This is a much simpler and more natural technique to make sure that your friends don’t overhear a private conversation during a gaming session.

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air price

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

The Roccat Syn Max Air costs $249, which means you are paying an additional $100 for upgrades over the Syn Pro Air and more features like its own charging port.

Battery life

The Syn Pro Air, according to ROCCAT, lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge. This may be true specifically circumstances. However, if you turn off all the Neon’s LEDs and audio elements, you will virtually definitely get closer to that longer-term goal.


The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

For a gaming headset, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air provides enough isolation. It will not stop doorbells or stop you from hearing when someone is chatting with you, but the sounds of traffic outside your window should not disturb you.

Of course, this will be unable to block enough noise outside or in a crowded cafe, but considering that it’s connected to a USB dongle, it isn’t great.

The Gaming Experience on The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air offers a wonderful gaming experience. It’s lightweight and cozy, making it ideal for long workouts, and you will have the ability to get in a bit before you need to charge.

Unfortunately, the headset can take up to 30 seconds to connect to its dongle, leaving you wondering if something is defective before the connection is made.

However, once connected, the headset works well on PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch—the USB-C adapter also lets you choose which front port to use on the PlayStation 5 and play without docking on the Switch .