The Strays was released last month on 22nd February 2023. We were continuously riveted by the psychological horror thriller, which was based on a real life incident.

Ashley Madekwe’s character Cheryl, who leads a fairly terrible existence in London at the start of the film, decides to pack up and leave her life behind.

Then, years later, Cheryl reappears, now going by the name Neve, and she is living a really different life. She is married, has two kids, serves as the assistant principal of the neighborhood private school, and lives in the suburbs.

Explanation Of Strays End.

The Strays

Let’s have a look at the explanation of the ending of The Strays. The Strays concludes precisely how it began: when Ian is killed during the home invasion, Neve abandons her four kids and runs away with a delivery man, leaving them alone and motherless.

Neve notices Carl and Dione, who were initially mistaken for Marvin and Abigail, walking in the back as the neighborhood gathers at her house for her charity event. It appears to be their mother as she loses her composure, producing an excellent commotion.

The entire first act is then redrawn: Carl gives Sebastian the cigarette and makes him take revenge on the school bully by throwing a basketball in his face, which is why he got home so late.

The “Black woman” who started working for Ian was Dione. Neve describes how Dione’s birth devastated her and made her decide not to have any more kids.

She ran away and kept her old life a secret since her first husband, Michael, was similarly abusive (but, as we saw when she hit Sebastian with her shoe, she was).

When Neve tries to fulfill her promise to give Carl and Dione £10,000 each, the family reluctantly comply with move on. They pretend to be friendly and accept the money before having a “family reunion” for Dione’s birthday a few weeks later.

In the middle of the night, they break into the house, grab their phones, flood the kitchen, and begin torturing everybody. They sit right down to a tense game of scrabble after Carl asks Mary to order Chinese late at night.

Then Carl has Ian bench press until he cannot do it, that’s until the bar crushes his brain and kills him.

Neve instructs the delivery driver to hold on until she can leave him a gratuity when the meal is delivered. She slips her handbag out of the room, silently closing the door behind her.

Only Neve’s kids are left when Carl leaves the home gym, and the last sound they hear is the roar of the engine.

Despite her best efforts to pass for somebody else who has a home, a family, or a sense of belonging anywhere, Neve now has four Strays and is an outcast herself.