Netflix has a talent for growing its collection in every category, specially inspiring true-life stories, which have accumulated in the biggest global streaming service.

The Swimmer is anticipated Netflix a film based on the true story of swimmer sisters Yusra and Sarah Mardini, who fled war-torn Syria to take part in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Sally El Hosaini, credited for films such as My Brother the Devil, Babylon, and The Fifth Bowl, wrote and co-directed the picture, which was announced for release in April 2021.

What is the Release Date of ‘The Swimmers’?

The Swimmers

You will all be waiting for this, The Swimmers, inspired by an incredible true life story, will be broadcast internationally on Netflix on November 23, 2022.

Who is in the Cast & Crew of ‘The Swimmers’?

The biography’s cast of real-life characters includes:
• Manal Issa plays Sarah Mardini
• Nathalie Issa plays Yusra Mardini
• Ali Suliman plays Ezzat Mardini
• Kinda Alloush plays Mervat Mardini
• Ahmed Malek plays Nizar
• James Krishna Floyd plays Emad
• Matthias Schweighofer plays Sven
• Roderick Hill plays Viktor
• Alfredo Tavares plays an Olympic Coach
• Nahel Tzegai plays Shada
• Elmi Rashid Elmi plays Bilal
• Isobel Eadie plays Swimmer 1 Rio alongside other Yusra competitors.

These are the faces we saw in the trailer of ‘swimmers’. However, there are quite a few unnamed roles that are portrayed by:
• Ekran Mustafa
• Daniel Eghan
• Christian Di Sciullo

Sally El Hosaini directed and co-wrote the picture, and Jack Throne also contributed writing credits. The film’s soundtrack is being composed by Steven Prince, who won Academy and Emmy Awards for his work on Gravity. Christopher Ross, well known for his work on Blackout, Room, and the Black Sea, directed the film.

Shaheen Baig, the casting director, deserves credit for casting the Issa sisters as Yusra and Sarah. In any case, the film’s crew appears to be quite exceptional. Ideally, they express the message of the biography in such a way that it lingers in the minds of the viewers.

What’s The Real Story Behind The Movie?

The Swimmers
The Guardian

Syria was plunged into civil violence in 2015, claiming hundreds of lives and driving many more to flee for their safety. Unfortunately, Yusra and Sarah Mardini, who lived on the outskirts of Damascus, were in the same boat.

They boarded the packed ship bound for Greece, but somehow it broke apart in the middle of the Aegean Sea, leaving the sisters and two others to swim with the boat until they landed in Lesbos.

They finally relocated to Berlin with their family, who had also fled Syria. Sarah had an unforeseen shoulder injury during the event, forcing her to abandon her swimming career. Yusra continued the sisters’ dream after swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she won a 100m butterfly heat together with four other swimmers in the IOC Refugee squad.

The Swimmers is the story of two brothers who fought their way from a war-torn nation to a new place while holding on to what little chance they had left, and Netflix is ​​preparing to bring it visually to viewers.

Everything Else We Know

While biographies aren’t supposed to be entertaining, inspirational and emotional scenes can bring viewers to tears. According to the comments of the critics and the opinions of the filmmaker Sally El Hosaini and the CEO of TIFF Cameron Bailey, the film appears to be very inspiring.