The 4th Wall will air on NBC on January 4, 2021. This show is an American reality show. In this show there will be 20 episodes where the contestant will compete for a grand prize of more than $13 million per episode. The first show premiered in 2016. The host of the show is Chris Hardwick who appears in every season and all the time continues to entertain us.

Now let’s find out what this show is all about. will there be another season of it? and when will it come out? so here we have all the information about it.

The Wall 4: Update

The 4th Wall

What is this show about? in this game the wall is about 40 feet high four stories tall pegboard. the bottom of the board is split into 15 slots that are all marked with diverse amounts of US dollars. Eight of these slots range from $1 to $100 and remain constant throughout the game.

Except for these eight slots, the others have a higher value and increase from round to round. Balls can be placed in play from seven drop zones numbered on the top edge of the board, directly on the seven centers most money slots.

Each team consists of two contestants. Each team tries to bank as much money as possible by answering questions correctly and landing balls in higher value slots.

Green balls dropped on the board will add to the team bank, while red balls dropped on the board will subtract from it. During the game, the bank has a level of $0.

The game consists of 2 such rounds and then a final round.