“The Witcher” gets Funko Pop Figures in Time for Season 2’s Public Release

Funko Pop Figures for ‘The Witcher,’ ahead of Season 2’s release

Among the new characters are Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer, Ciri and Jaskier.

The second season is less than a month away and Funko has just released a new line of figures to celebrate. The figurines feature Henry Cavill’s Geraltof Rivia, Freya Alan’s Ciri and Joey Batey’s Jaskier, the Bard in costumes from the first season of the Netflix series.

There are a number of variations and exclusives that join the four main figures. This first version shows Geralt in the same monster-hunting position that the main character but with a Witcher potion twist. This variety has grey skin with bloodshot veiny eye, just like the one in which Geralt used a potion in order to gain an edge in a fight. Walmart’s final Geralt figure depicts Geralt riding Roach, his horse. This Funko was announced first in September, and it is now available for presale.

Books-A-Million’s next exclusive features Yennefer wearing a grey-and-black striped dress, firing fire from her hands while in full attack mode. Preorders are possible for this figurine. Hot Topic’s final exclusive figurine is Jaskier, everyone’s favorite Bard. He wears his Dandelion and will likely be serenading Geralt with beautiful song and dance. You’ll have seen the first season and know that Geralt doesn’t like bath houses. Preorders for this figure will soon be available.

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Although Ciri is the only figure that has not been released in variants or exclusives yet, her role in the next season will be significant and there will no doubt be many Funko Pops featuring this character in the future. The first wave of Funko figurines is only a small part of the vast magical world that Funko has created. There are endless possibilities for Funko’s future collaborations with this property.

The Witcher’s 2019 season premiered to wide critical acclaim. The franchise, which has an anime spin-off, a prequel series and a potential animated series that focuses on families, is a Netflix priority. After a first season where Geralt and Ciri chose different paths, the Witcher was created to protect Ciri and unlock the potential of her strange power.

These figures will likely be available in January/February 2022. The Witcher’s second season, which includes eight episodes, will be available on Netflix starting December 17. Below are the Witcher Funko Pop figures.

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