After her triumph in last outing Don’t Worry Darling with Harry Styles, British actress Florence Pugh is set to make headlines in another high-profile performance, this time in the Netflix psychological drama The Wonder.

The Wonder, directed by Sebastián Lelio, is based on Emma Donoghue’s novel of the same title.

The film, set in the 1960s and filmed in the Republic of Ireland, shows a nurse played by Pugh who is recruited to examine a little girl who appears alive under miraculous conditions.

The Wonder was the initial film acquired by Fiona Lamptey, Netflix’s director of UK films, and the second to be produced, following the release of I Came By earlier this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s The Wonder, release date, cast, plot and trailer.

When will The Wonder be released on Netflix?

The Wonder
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The Wonder will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, November 16.

The film will even be available in selected theaters from Wednesday, November 2.

The Wonder has a running time of 108 minutes.

Who is in the cast?

The Wonder

The film will star:

  • Florence Pugh who will play the role of Lib Wright, an English nurse;
  • Kíla Lord Cassidy will play the part of Anna O’Donnell. Kila is the daughter of actors Elaine Cassidy and Stephen Lord;
  • Elaine Cassidy will portray Anna’s mother, Rosaleen
  • Tom Burke will play Will Byrne, a reporter sent by The Daily Telegraph to report on Anna.
  • Ciaran Hinds will play Father Thaddeus
  • Toby Jones will play Doctor McBrearty
  • David Wilmot will portray local publican Sean Ryan
  • Brian F. O’Byrne will play landlord John Flynn
  • Dermot Crowley will play Baronet Sir Ottway.

What Will The Plot Of Wonder Be?

The Wonder

The Wonder takes place in Ireland in 1862. Meanwhile, Lib Wright (Florence Pugh), a suspicious English nurse, is sent to a small community to observe and authenticate what the miracle call is.

Anna O’Donnell, a deeply pious 11-year-old girl, is believed to have gone months without food, and lived completely on manna from heaven.’ Tourists have descended on Anna’s cabin, and a journalist is covering the story, but is everything as it seems?

As Lib and a nun watch the girl to see if she is eating and, if not, how she is living without food, she grows anxious to learn the reality. But as she and Anna grow closer, it is up to Lib to determine what is going on and stop the damage in Anna’s life.

Who created The Wonder?

The Wonder

The Wonder is inspired by the book of the same name by Emma Donoghue, which she developed for the film together with Alice Birch and director Sebastián Lelio.

Emma Donoghue was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for her 2015 adaptation of her own 2010 book Room, directed by Lenny Abrahamson and starring Brie Larson.

Is there a Trailer for ‘The Wonder’?

Yes, there is totally a trailer for The Wonder, which will keep viewers guessing until the film debuts.

From the start, the role of Pugh, Lib, is informed that it’s her role “not to question” the religious men at the center of Anna’s group.

She is then seen driving to Anna’s house, where she has been stationed for two weeks to keep an eye on the 9-year-old, who seems to have accomplished the unimaginable by going four months without eating.

The teaser then cuts to meetings between Lib and Anna, in which Anna claims she does not need to eat but Lib is convinced her life is at risk.

The Wonder will be released in cinemas on November 2nd and on Netflix on November 16th.